Anakin's Other Side

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I sat in a cell with Anakin, and waited for someone to come in to question him. I was not going to let him do it alone.

"I'm really sorry" I say, blurting the first thing that came in mind. He smiles at me, "There is no reason you should be apologizing. If anything, I probably should because we are sitting in a cell right now because of me."

I lay my head on his shoulder and look at the door. "Man, what lousy service they have here, no one has even offered us drinks." I said in my poor attempt to make a joke. Anakin must have thought it was funny because he laughed and grabbed my hand.

Just then, my dad walked in and sat down opposite to us. I gripped Anakin's hand tighter and looked at my dad now raising my head from Anakin's shoulder.

"Anakin, Do you have a last name?" My father started, reading what he had to say off of a piece of paper. "No it's just Anakin" he replies. "And you Miss Cora? Your full name?" I think about it for a second and reply "Cora Marie Lexington-Stark". My dad looks at the floor for a little bit be for continuing.

"Okay...Anakin, we have reports that you have been in contact with your father, is that correct?" I chuckle lightly earning a squeeze on my hand from Anakin. I laugh when I'm nervous. "Yes, I have been talking to him" he replies calmly.

"How exactly have you been able to get into Ausguard?" Anakin again replies calmly, "Miss Cora and I built a machine that will let me travel to Ausguard twice a week, once on Monday and once on Wednesday." My dad looks at his paper again.

"How did you, two teenage kids, build a machine that can travel through worlds?" Anakin and I both laugh at this statement. Anakin catches his breath then answers. "Cora has an IQ of 190. I have been repairing machinery since I could walk. Together, we could do anything." I smile at Anakin for that remark. My dad looked up in time to see our smile at each other but he didn't seem to care and just carried on. "What have you been talking to your father about?" Anakin smiled. "World domination." He seemed to think it was hillarious but my dad seemed to think he was serious.

I punched his arm to make him realize that dad wasn't laughing. He stopped instantly and explained that it was a joke and that he was only talking to him about normal teenage things.

There was a little more regular questions and we were told to go out and sit at the table in the middle across from all the rest of the heros so they could get a read of us.

We obeyed and walked out and sat across from everyone. After a few minutes Anakin tapped his wrist twice. It was our code, He wants to talk in private. I tap mine twice in reply and say that we are going to the bathroom.

Steve gave us a little look but no one stopped us. I walked over to the custodians closet across from the bathroom. There are no cameras in there, (I know because Danny and I roam S.H.E.I.L.D. all the time at night when we are bored).

"What is it?" I ask as he locks the door. "You need to know something about me..." I was little worried when he said that but I went along and listened. "Okay..." "I have been talking to my dad about something a little more than just football." I start to get really nervous and my hands start to sweat.

"About what..." He gave me a huge grin and pulled a crumpled up picture out of his pocket. I gasped and took some steps backwards. "Why...I thought you were different...Why would you need the staff?" I asked, hoping not to already know what heelse planned in doing. "I could control MINDS Cora! We could take over the world together!"

I slapped his face and he fell to the ground. I jumped over him, unlocked the door, and ran down the hallway towards the table where the Avengers sat. They all stood up when they saw me running. They looked behind me to see Anakin giving chase after me. Thor grabbed his arm and Steve put cuffs on him. As they were walking away I thought for a moment and then realized something...

Did his eyes seem a little brighter than normal?

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