Candy Store

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We were about to turn the teleporter for the first time. "Ready?" Steve said as th grabbed hold of the lever. "Yeah!" Anakin said smiling. I laughed and nodded at Steve. He pulled the lever........


I went over our plans again and realised that we needed something to boost the power. Blinarium (idk if it's a real thing, I just made it up)
Even better there was only one place to get it, S.H.I.E.L.D.

I went and told dad and he said that it was in a secret, top of the line security lab in the west side if the building. He offered to get it, but then I realized I had someone better for the job. Danny Coulson.

I picked up my phone, went to my contacts list, and looked in the Os. 'Overlord' was towards the bottom, I pushed call and waited for it to ring. As in usual Danny fashion it rang about twice and she answered. "Hello?" "Hey Danny! Listen, you up for a little code black?" That was our code word to break into S.H.I.E.L.D. "When, and why?" I smiled. "Tonight, I need something." She sighed, "Alright Cora, but you owe me a butterbeer!" "Okay. Bye Overlord!!!!" "Bye Blue Eyes!!!!" I put my phone back in my pocket and turned around to see Anakin, Steve, and Dad looking at me. I gave them a smile and told them we could try it again tomorrow. I got an eyebrow raise from Dad but he didn't say anything.


"Danny?" I whisper as I hear a noise behind me. No answer. Then I saw a spot light come on, it illuminated the back of a leather office chair. I knew instantly what was going on, Danny did always have a flair for the dramatic. The chair spun slowly and Danny was sitting in it with a key in her hand. "Did I mention you are the best?" I said as she stood up and pushed the chair back into the conference room. "I know" she said turning around and smiling. "But before I hand you the key, I want to know, what do you want?" I looked at her and sighed. "I need Blinarium" her eyes widened, "THATS ILLEGAL!!!" I smiled. "Yup, and SHIELD has it so I'm gonna get it, are you in or not?" She smiled, "Always".

We made our way to the back of the building to the labs. We went to the security office and put the footage on loop so they didn't see anything tomorrow when they checked the footage. We walked to the back lab and saw that the door had a card slot and a pin code. I pulled out my finger print powder and dusted the key pad. They showed up the most on the 4,2,1. Two looked a little heavily pressed than the others. I looked at the numbers to see if there was another commonly pressed there wasn't. Danny smiled at me, "Come on Sherlock, you got this." I looked at her and smiled. "Coulson, don't talk out loud. You lower the iq of the whole street". She punched my arm playfully as she laughed at my reference.

I then realised something, 21 is half of 42, so maybe it's 4221 because that makes sense if the two was pressed more and there were only three numbers because two was repeated. I put a glove on and pushed in 4221 and the light turned green. I smiled and turned to Danny who smirked. "What?" I said. She held up a price of paper and handed it to me. The top said Door Code and below it was written 4221. I glared at her and threw it back.

I opened the door careful not to trip the trip wire. I walked in and my jaw dropped, There was a huge chemistry lab set up in the middle, Danny noticed my reaction and laughed. "What?" I said. "You just look like a little kid who saw a giant lollipop." "Because this literally is my candy store Danny." She nodded and walked towards the shelves covered in test tubes. "What goes Blinarium look like?" "It looks like a florescent blue liquid, and it will look like there are sparkles in it when you move it." She looked at me a little but said nothing. I looked around me in awe, there was everything a chemist needs in here! I walk over to the shelf opposite Danny. I was looking at them all when I saw something that caught my eye. A test tube hidden behind some others, inside was a pink gel. I grabbed it and looked at the lid, it was labeled Disguise Serum. I looked to see if Danny was looking at me before I slipped it into my pocket.

"I found it!" Danny says as she holds it out for me to look at. "Well done Dr. Watson". She laughed but didn't say anything. i told her to go and look for some more, but the truth is, i just want to look around for some more cool stuff!

I went through a couple shelves before i found one that had something cool in it. There was a serum to duplicate yourself, and one to create a bullet proof wall in front of you, and a bunch if other cool stuff. I had a good collection before I called Danny back over and told her we were fine to leave. She must have caught on to me because she smirked and said, "Spill your pockets, shoes, purse, and bra." I grunted at her but complied, she patted me down and I smiled. "Satisfied?" She looked me in the eye and said, "Cora, look me in the eyes and tell me you are not smuggling out any other test tubes of things that you found in here." I thought for a minuet about what she said and made sure i wasn't breaking the code that i have to never lie to my friends unless their life is in danger. I looked her in the eyes and said, "I, Cora Marie Stark, am not smuggling out any test tubes of anything I found in here." Danny knew about my code and knew I would not lie.

We left the lab and locked it behind us. I went to the security office and made sure that the tape was set back to its regular recording and made sure everything was perfect so that we left no trace of being here. When we got out of S.H.I.E.L.D. I walked over to where Danny had parked her hover-board and pulled out my suit. I smiled at her and stepped into the metal suit, I heard my beautiful AI's voice and, after I waved at Danny, I was back off to the tower to go to sleep before I got caught. I made sure i had all of the serums and parked my suit on the ledge outside of my window. i pushed a button on my suit that disabled J.A.R.V.I.S. for a couple of seconds so i could open my window, bring my suit in and close it before the alarm went off. I changed into a tank-top and some spanx and went to bed.

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