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No Cure My Ass

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*****Cora's POV*****

It was the day after Anakin came over, I was in the kitchen talking to Bruce.

"I have never said the words 'my father is sane' now have I?" he chuckled at that. "Yeah, but you have to give it to him he is incredibly smart and , even thought sometimes crazy, He has great ideas." I laughed and looked at Bruce.

He was the only person that did not make a big fuss about my eyes. In fact, He said that my eyes could just be a way I reacted to him trying to mind controlling me, and that he couldn't get into my head because I was to smart.

"I'm hungry." I declare standing up, "You want some pancakes?". He smiled at me, "What?" I asked. "You can change conversations fast. First we were talking about your dad and then all of a sudden you are getting up to make pancakes." I shrugged, "Its what happens when you have A.D.D."

While I was at the counter making some pancakes I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my head. Brushing it off as a normal headache I went on making food. I felt it again but this time it was enough to make me drop the spoon in my hand and make a mess on the counter. Bruce stood up and came over to me.

"Look at me" he said sternly. I looked at him and he gasped. "Sit, NOW!" I sat in the chairs rubbing my head, that now had a pounding headache. Bruce was screaming for everyone to get over here and was calling my Dad. "Hang on Cora! Stay with me!". I felt a rush of cold and then I passed out.

~~~~~TIME JUMP~~~~~

I wake up with all the Avengers around me, including Coulson and Nick.

"Shit...Why are you all surrounding me?" I say squinting due to the bright light above me. When I eventually opened my eyes, everyone groaned Dad started to tear up. I close my eyes again, but this time it hurts, like when you have them open too long.

"What did you do while I was out?"

They all looked at Dad. He was crying, but managed to pull himself together enough to explain that when I passed out, they gave me a sedative that put me to sleep then tried a serum that would hopefully change my eyes. Apparently it didn't work...

"Shit..." I said after he finished talking. "I am so sorry Cora." I thought for a moment. "Does that mean that Loki, or Anakin, can control my mind when ever they please?" "No, they can't do anything. But apparently your brain accepted the fact your eyes were changing color, but not the mind control. So you should be fine in the aspects of that, but you will have blue eyes indefinitely..." He said.

Then my mood changed. I smiled and got out of bed, "Well, might as well make the best out of it, they fixed the headaches right?" "I hope" was all he said before I walked out of the room and straight to the elevator. I pulled out my phone and made 2 calls.

"Meet me at the cafè or maze street in 45 mins." Was all I said to both. "Okay" was the reply each time, After I ended the call I walked over to my chemistry set, "No cure my ass, I like blue eyes and all, but I would like to look myself in the mirror without crying." I realized that I was talking to myself and stopped talking and started mixing.

~~~~~45 mins later~~~~~

I sat at the little corner booth like I always do. The waitress walked up, "The usual Cora?" I smiled and nodded. "Yes please."

I was about half way through my coffee when Danny and Crystal came in. "Overlord! Meth! Over here." The whole diner looked over due to the weird sentence I just said, Danny and Crystal understood and walked over quickly.

"What do you need blue eyes?" Danny said, trying to be funny. "To not be blue eyes" I said. "How can we help" Crystal said. "I have a couple things I need from each of you. Danny, you have connections with SHIELD, I need you to get into Banner's lab and get some supplies, Crystal, I need you to get gunpowder and some sulfur. You guys can get that stuff right?" They smiled at me, "Of course" they said in unison.

We were eating and having a good time until my phone started vibrating, it was dad. "Hello?" I said answering. "Cora, I have some bad news that is not going to be good for your boyfriend so I suggest you get back, and fast, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep Thor from killing him." I sighed, "Damn, okay on my way." I hung up and got a weird look from Danny, Crystal had to leave early because she had a set appointment at the shooting range.

"Ready to go?" I said pulling the money to pay out of my purse. I threw the money on the table and pulled my circular folded suit. "Where are we going." Danny said as we walked out and she pulled out her rectangular folded up hoverboard. "The tower, Anakin is about to feel the wrath of an angry god." She laughed and threw the board down as it deployed and she stepped on, I stepped into my suit and was about to take off when Danny raced in front of me screaming, "RACE YOU!" I smiled and followed.

Let's hope Anakin is in one piece when we get there...

A/N Sorry for the really late update, I have no excuse and I'm ashamed... ANYWAY, GO FOLLOW MY OTHER ACCOUNT THAT MY 'TWINN' AND I RUN TOGETHER, TwinnSpirits


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