Daughters (Part 4)

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***Cora's POV***
The party was going well until I heard a comment made by a blonde girl in the corner talking to another girl I didn't know.

"I can't believe He had a kid, He fucked so many women, I wouldn't be surprised if he had 18 others. I mean, he's not even a superhero!"

I flip around and walk towards her at high speed. "What the fuck did you just say?"

She looks at me and laughs. "You must be the Stark girl." I look at her, my eyes filled with hate and anger. "You want to talk about my dad like that, you tell it to my face!" I spat at her.

"Okay, Your dad is a man whore and isn't even a super hero!" My fist clenched up and I starred at her with anger.

"You take that back you fake bitch!" I felt a slap on my face and that was it. I did a backflip and kicked her in the face while doing it.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!" I hear my dad and Bruce scream at the same time. "Well..." I start, but then the bitch cuts me off. "I told her the truth and she kicked me in the face!"

I stood up and so did she. I launched at her throat but she grabbed mine first. She has a very strong grip!


I was dropped and I was gasping for breath, my dad was holding me on the ground. I stood up once I caught my breath and walked to the elevator. I vaguely heard my dad yell "PARTYS OVER!" before the doors closed and I was on my way to the basement.

When I arrived in the basement I went down the hall to my garage, it is half of dads so its not huge but ours is now the same size so HA!

I take the blanket off of my model of dads Mark 42. It isn't as big because it's my size now but it's pretty damn accurate.

When I get angry I like to build so I am going to start on the arc reactor that powers it. It will be in the suit instead of my chest, but other than that it's pretty much the same thing.

I hear foot steps coming down the stairs, and I look back to see Dad coming down.

"Dad! Where is the stuff for my arc reactor!?" He smiles at me, "I'll get it for you in a minute hun, now, please tell me why you thought moonsault kicking The Hulks's kid was a good idea!"

I laughed and told him what she said and I told him how I was to upset to do anything else and that I had his temper.

"Well, I respect that you defended me and I am damn impressed by that kick. So I'm going tier this slide but please next time, ease don't kick HULK'S kid!" "Would you rather me kick Thor's kid...uh...Bella!?"

"I thought her name was Thumbelina?" He asked. "It is, she goes by Bella."

"Well okay, I have to go calm down Bruce and explain what happened before he rips the roof off the buildings literally! The parts and stuff is in the 4th cabinet from the right marked 'Chest Light Fixer'." I smiled and threw a thanks at him as he walked out the door.

I got the stuff from the cabinet, smiled at his old arc reactor Pepper got framed and stuff, and sat and got to work.

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