Hydra or Nah?

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A/N, I'm gonna switch things up a little bit. We're gonna do this, part of this, chapter in Crystals POV! OKAY?! OKAY!!

^*^*^Crystal's POV^*^*^

I paced back and forward. 'Where the hell is Cora?" I think to myself. "She might just be late Meth. She's not always the most punctual person." Danny said to me as she pulled out her cell to call Cora again. It rang for a little bit and then some one answered. It wasn't Cora, it was Tony. "Hello? Who is this?" Danny said putting it on speaker. "You know damn well who it is Danielle why are you calling?" Danny stood there for a second, thinking of what to say. "Just wanted to say what's up. Where's Cora?" "She's in a cell for treason." "WHAT!?!" Crystal and i scream at the same time. "Were you girls aware that she made contact with Loki?" "Loki as in Anakins father?" Danny asked. "OF COURSE HIM! WHO ELSE WOULD IT BE!" "Tony, calm down. Is it okay if we come see Cora?" Danny said trying to soothe his anger. "Yeah, whatever." He said then hung up. "Wow, he was pissed. Cora must have really fucked up this time..." Crystal said as we pulled out our hoverboards. "Lets go see what's up." Crystal and I zoomed off towards the tower.

#^#^#^Danny's POV^#^#^#

We arrived at the tower and ran straight into Dr.Banner. "Sorry Bruce!" I said. "Thanks Danny. Im guessing your here to see Cora?" "Yeah, her dad said she was in the Hulk cage?" Crystal said. I nudged her with my elbow. "She meant the cage Loki was in..." Banner nodded and walked off. We took the stairs until we reached the room that houses the cage. Fury and Natasha were standing in front of the door and Natasha was...Crying?! I grabbed Crystal and his behind a wall to hear what they were talking about. "I cant believe it...how did she know?" "Natasha, we don't know what's been going on inside her head...Loki could have..." "DON'T TALK ABOUT HIM!" She said screaming, "I want to see Banner. I want to help get my other daughter back." And with that she stomped off and Fury followed her. "What the hell did Cora do to my mother? She never cries, unless she needs to fake it..." "Lets go find out." I said opening the door. Cora sat against the glass, face red from crying and hair a mess from raking her hands through it like she does when she's stressed. Once we got closer we could see she had bags under her eyes. She hasn't been sleeping. "Cora?" I said walking up to the cage. "Danny? What are you doing here? Shit! Today as the Hydra base thing! Shit! I'm sorry! I wish I was there! I've been stuck in this cell..." "Cora...calm down, no one is mad at you. Now what is going on, we saw Nat crying when we walked up." "I just reminded her of the last time she talked to someone in this cage..." she said with an evil glimmer in her eye. Some days I swear she's bipolar... I looked over and saw that Crystal had tensed up. "You mean?..." Crystal started to say before Cora interrupted. "Yes. Exactly." "You...you..." I saw Crystals fists tense up. She turned around and walked over to the control panel for the cage. "CRYSTAL! NO!" I screamed running over to her. I stopped her hand before she could press anything on it. Crystal pushed me down and walked out of the room. I walked over to Cora's cell, "Cora. I'll talk to you later okay?" "Okay! Bye!" She said cheerfully. I walked out of the room then took of towards dads office, I really needed to find out what's going on.

*****Cora's POV*****

Bruce came in about three times after Danny and Crystal left. He did all of these tests and asked a lot of questions. I did as I was told, most of the time. There was a part during the mental evaluation questions that he got a little smug and I punched the little table he brought in, it has a dent in it now. I scared the shit out of Banner, and I'm damn proud of it. After all of the tests, Bruce said I had a visitor, I was fully prepared to see my dads disappointed face, but instead, I saw Danny. She was pale and her eyes were puffy.

"Danny? What happened?" Bruce opened the cage and let her in, she walked over to me and sat on the floor next to me. She leaned next to my ear and said, "Cora, Hydrax,spider,prison." I knew what this meant. Spider, or Crystal, is in prison, at Hydra. I nodded and whispered back to her, "pigeon, scape, help, peas." That was pigeon, who is me, needs to escape, help me please. Danny stood up and walked over to the glass. She pulled out a needle from her back pocket and as Bruce opened the door to let her out as he put it in his back and pushed down the button on the end. He fell to the ground instantly. I stood up and started to flip out. "SOMEONE IS GOING TO NOTICE THAT HE IS LYING THERE DANNY!!!" "Relax, look." I looked down and Bruce's body slowly started to vaporize. "You used the serum? Ahhhhhh you sneaky bitch!" "This sneaky bitch is helping you out of here. Watch it!" I just laugh. She stops right before I am about to leave and turns to me "Hydra or nah?" I smile "Hella Hydra!" She smiles at my terriable accent and we leave the cell. Danny and I, of course, know where to go to loop the cameras to buy us time before someone checks on me and notices I'm not there. As we slip out the back door I hear foot steps approaching and I see my dad walking around the hallways he's got a puffy red face.

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