Battle Plan

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I woke up to see Anakin looking and smiling at me. I jumped up and was able to slap him hard enough for him to turn his head. I screamed for my Dad, but Bruce came running in. "Shhh, your dad is sleeping, he has had a traumatic 24 hours. I need you to calm down."

I took a deep breath in, and then looked at him. "What is he doing out of a cell, where is my father, and what the hell is going on?!?" He smiled and sat down next to me, Anakin tried to do the same, but I put my feet where he was supposed to sit. Then he got the hint and walked away.

"Well, first questions answer, He didn't do it, his father gave him a chip to put into his computer, that made a copy of Anakin. He had no idea that he was going to set him free. Second and third questions answer, your father is in bed, perfectly fine, just a little shaken up. When the whole New York incident happened, your dad almost didn't make it out of the world that Loki is currently in, so when Anakin, well, his copy, said that, your dad had some flashbacks and after almost going into the interrogation room and killing someone, he had an anxiety attack, same as you." He finished talking and it took me a while to comprehend all of it, but when I did, I told Bruce to go get Anakin.

Anakin walked in with a red mark in his cheek. I stood and ran over to him, "I am so sorry, I am such a terrible person, I never should have doubted you..." He cut me off by putting a small kiss on my lips. "I'm sorry, there are no other words to can explain it, I am so sorry, I wish there was more I could do, but at this point, the only thing I can do is help you catch my father." I smiled and gave him a small kiss also. This time there was a grunt from beside us, I looked over at Bruce and smiled, "Get over it! Now that that's settled, I want you to get the team together as soon as my Dad wakes up, we have a lunatic to catch."

It was about 3 hours until dad woke up, I basically spent that working on the serum to fix my eyes, no improvements so far. Now I sit, around a circular table, with my Dad on the left and Anakin on the right, figuring out what the game plan is gonna be.

"I can contact some of our spies on Asguard and have them on alert." I smiled "Good Thor, Cap?" "I can help with the re building of the portal." Dad frowned at that, but didn't say anything. "Good, Anakin, Dad, and I will help with that also." I got a wild look from Dad when I said that. "The hell I am!" He said standing up angrily. "Dad, you have been building machines since you could walk, we need you on this." He grunted and sat back down.

"Great, Clint, Natasha, I need you two to help Banner in the lab, I also want you two to switch out on recon, I just need someone to get as much info as they can within the limits of security, please don't get yourselves in a tight spot." They both chuckled, "Aye Aye" Clint said smiling.

I sighed and looked at Nick. "Director Fury, I need you and Agent Coulson to figure out as much as you can about the world we are getting ourselves into." He smiled. "You got it junior." "Don't call me junior, Meeting adjourned, let's get to work."

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