I'm Bored

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*****Cora's POV*****

I woke up to Danny banging on my cell. "CORA WAKE THE HELL UP!" She yelled. "Danielle. You don't need to say things like that to her." "Shut up Bruce." "Thanks Meth" "No problem. Now CORA!!!" I laid there listening to the weird conversation for a few more seconds before rolling over and standing up. "Hey sleeping beauty. Rise and shine." I wiped my eyes and yawned. "What do you two want at this hour?" I asked groggily. "IT'S NOON!" they both said at the same time. "Quiet please girls. Don't overwhelm her..." Bruce said walking up behind the girls with his stupid doctor tray. "I'm fine Bruce" I replied as he opened the door and shut it immediately behind him. "If you were fine Cora, you wouldn't be in here." I nodded and pulled up the two chairs in the corner of the room. I sat in one and Bruce sat in the other and set the tray on his lap. I held my arm out and he put the tourniquet on and prepped the needle. "What did you two want anyway?" I asked as Bruce tapped my forearm. "We just needed to talk to you. Bruce said were not allowed in tho..." I smiled. "I wonder why?" I laughed. Bruce gave me a look then stabbed the needle into my arm. "OW!" I said pulling my arm away. "Cora, I need the blood sample" I sighed and let him take it. "Blood is beautiful." I said. Looking at the vial filling with my blood. "That's so emo Cora" Meth said. I laughed. After a couple hours of talking to them they left and Bruce left to do testing so I was just left alone.

I remembered reading Loki's case file and I remembered he had some cool powers. I played them over in my mind and then I decided to try. Why the hell not? I'm bored. I looked at the side of the cell and focused. i remembered how loki had trapped Thor in the cage, he had made a copy of himslef, a hollogram. I focused on the corner of the room and i nearly screamed as a figure appeared across the room. i smiled and it (i, me, she?) smiled back. I thought I heard something so I turned around but then I saw that nothing was there and when I turned back my hologram was gone. I reread the file in my mind and I turned around and saw the table in my cell. I walked over to it and thought about how Loki's file had said that he had super strength. I thought really hard on that fact as I grabbed the table and ripped the leg off of it, exposing a sharp edge. I thought really hard about what else Loki could do. I think I read that he had the abylity to heal himself... I wonder if...

"Do it. I'm sure it will turn out fine"

I jumped at the voice that was all too familiar. "Loki? How did you get in here?" I whisper-yelled. "Interesting..." He said pulling up a chair and sitting in it. "What is?" "Well, you obviously know what I have done, how many people I have killed, but yet your here whispering to me in order to not get me caught..." I shook my head "I could scream right now and you would be jailed within a day, but first I want to know what your doing here!" I said, still whispering. "I wanted to see if what Anakin said was true. If you really had absorbed some of my power." "Well, I did." 'But not happily' I thought to myself. "What? You don't like them?" I looked at him. "Did you just read my mind?" "No" he replied. I turned away from him and ran my hands through my hair. "Or maybe I did" I turned back to him and I saw him smirk. "What?" I asked. "I didn't say anything to you. Not vocally." "Get out of my head!" I said. "Fine. But. I would like to ask you some questions..." I nodded at him. "So, you know a great deal about me right?" I nodded. "And you have a high intelligence right?" "i'd like to think so yes" "Good, do you like it here at SHEILD?" I looked a him. "What are you implying." "Just asking if you like it here." I opened my mouth to answer but then I heard a voice from the hall. "Bruce I honestly don't know, maybe sunday?" "SUNDAY?" "Yes, on Sunday we can go to visit Figi. Okay?" I paniked. "Loki, what do I do?" "Why should i help you." "Because I control part of you. You don't want me to mess with that do you?" He grunted and looked at the side of the cage with a slight grimace. I saw a shimmery light appear in front of me and I looked over at Loki. He was focusing and I realized what must be happening. He must be putting up a 'holographic' image of my cell. I stood very quiet as Dad and Bruce walked in. "CORA! I JU--" Dad started before Bruce cut him off. "SHHH" "What? oh..." They both stared at me and I stayed still praying Loki kept up the sheild. Bruce whispered something to my dad and then they both walks out silently. I heard Loki's breathing hitch and I looked over to see he was sweating. "This is weird" he said "I have never felt a lack of power after using my gifts..." He looked at me. "You." "What? What about me?" "You did this. Your taking my power." I shook my head. "No, Loki, I don't mean to, I want it less than you do?" "You dare to insult my gifts?!" he said getting louder. "No. Loki. Stop. Calm down." "DO NOT TALK ME TO CALM DOWN" HE said slamming his fist on the table leaving a dent. "Loki...stop" "AHHH" he screamed as he ran at me wielding a dagger he pulled out of thin air. I put my arm up and as he hit it my hologram disappeared and he looked around bewildered. "Loki. Stop. Its no use." He turned to me and lunged my way. I looked at him and focused and he hit the floor, unable to get up. "Foolish mortal. you think you can best me at my own game?" He then showed up behind me with his hand on my neck. "I'll talk to you again later. Cora Stark." and with that he was gone. The hand around my neck was gone and i collapsed to the floor gasping for breath.

"CORA!!!" I heard the worried voice of my father scream as he ran into the room. "BRUCE OPEN THE DOOR!" Bruce ran in and opened the door. Dad ran in and instantly wrapped his arms around me. "What happened?" he asked.

"I need to talk to Nick, call an avengers meeting. Loki means business."

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