Daughters (Part 3)

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***Tony's POV***
Today is the day. Pepper is upstairs getting Cora ready and I am on the 28th floor getting the rooms ready for the party.

"Jarvis, can you please check on Cora and Pepper and make sure their almost ready?" "Yes sir." I look at the room again and make sure everything is in place.

"Mister Stark, Miss Pepper and Miss Cora are on their way down now." (Picture of Cora's outfit in media) "Thanks Jarvis"

Cora and Pepper walked in looking like angles, "Wow," I said looking at her, "You look beautiful!" She comes down in a beautiful mint colored dress with nude heels.

"Thanks" her and Pepper say at the exact same time. "Well that's awkward, I meant both of you though!" I said covering for myself for not clarifying.

"When is everyone getting here?" Cora asks grabbing a cup off the table and getting some soda.

"Your welcome for the beautiful party my loving caring daughter!" I reply sarcastically at her question. "Thanks, but seriously, when is everyone getting here?" I smile and look at her hand, her trigger finger pulses when she gets nervous, and it is. "Almost here hun."

"Okay... is everything ready?" I laugh at her, "Yes princess everything is ready" She smiled at me slightly. I hope everyone gets along okay!

~~~~~TIME JUMP~~~~~

Everyone is here and is kinda talking to each other. Cora is talking to
Beth right now, I hope Cora does not make her angry, she has her dads anger issues but instead of growing and becoming green, she gets really strong.

Like lifting me and Cap at the same time.

I flash out of my thought when I see Cora do a backfilp and I see Beth fall to the ground. "What the hell!?" I scream running over there.

Cora has her hand over her face and Beth is on the ground looking livid.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!" Bruce and I scream at the same time.

"Well..." My daughter starts...

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