WHAT? Part One

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It was the day after I broke into S.H.I.E.L.D. with Danny and i was making sure all of the things i got from there were safely stowed away so that if anyone did find out, they could never find them. I was leaving the Lab when i heard loud heavy metal music start playing from my phone. There is only one person that has death metal as their ringtone, Crystal. "Whats up Meth?" she didn't say anything for a couple of seconds so i said "Hello?" i heard a vague whisper that sounded like cafe but i couldn't be sure. "Are you okay, do you need some help, why do you want to meet at the cafe?" the line went dead and I practically flew up the stairs. I made it to my room, changed clothes, brushed my hair and teeth and ran out my bedroom door and down the stairs. I was stopped on the main floor by none other than the star spangled hero, Steve.

 I tried to push past him, but that was a mistake and it only made him more suspicious. "Cora? Where are you going in such a hurry?" i smiled wryly at him and calmly said, "Crystal said they are giving away free samples at the cafe so i am hurrying before they are all gone." He looked at me for a minuet trying to see if i was lying, luckily i had spent enough time around Natasha that i can hide anything. He nodded and released my shoulders, "Well have fun." I nodded at him and hurried to the stairs, I didn't have time for an elevator, i had it to the parking lot and threw my folded up suit on the ground before my anxiety really started getting to me. I got into my suit and flew as fast as i could to the cafe.

Once i arrived i noticed that Crystal was sitting in the corner, perfectly fine. I walked over and sat opposite to her. "Are you okay, why did you call me, do i need to call in back up, i have the iron legion..." "Stop" Crystal said, interrupting me. "What? Why did you call me down here, and why did you whisper?" She smiled but her eyes had a different emotion in them, it was a mix of fear and mischief. "Cora, Calm down, don't work yourself up, we all know what happens when you get anxious and you unconscious is not going to help me. Listen, You would do anything to help a best fried out right?" i looked at her. "To a certain point yeah." "Is breaking into a Hydra base to steal my birth documents within that range?" I stared at her, shocked. Did i hear her correctly? Did she say that she wanted to break into a Hydra base to steal her birth records? Why the hell would Hydra have them, and why does she want them? "Why?" she looked at me, uncertain on what exactly to say. "My mother cant have kids, hasn't been able too since she was a kid. I read her files that she keeps in her room. Among them was a doctors note that said that she had her 'parts' removed a long time ago and she would never be able to have children."

 I sit there and analyse the information i was just given. I finally come to the dawning conclusion that, "Your adopted." i said in realization. She looks down and whispers, "Yeah." I look at her. "Why do you think that Hydra has your birth record?" "I kinda hacked into Hydra's network and saw that they are looking into my file. I don't know why yet, but i plan to figure out." I set my hand on her shoulder. "Im here for you Meth. Dont worry, we will crash that base and look badass while doing it." She looked up at me and smiled. "Thanks Blue Eyes." I grunted. "Your welcome Meth."

I leave the cafe and am walking back to the tower because i need to think. I pulled an earpiece out of my purse and pushed the on button. S.T.U.'s voice comes in through it. "Yes Miss Stark?".  I sighed, "Tell Tony, Bruce, Steve, and Thor to meet me in the conference room at 2:30" "As you wish Miss Stark"

It was 2:07 and i was sitting in the conference room thinking. Am I really ready to go take down a Hydra base? Not only that, but was it really a good idea? Is Crystal ready for this? How is she going to react when she sees whatever is on those papers? A million questions popped through my head. I sat there trying to think about what i should do, and if i really should even tell anyone. Because if i do 1. Crystal will never trust me again if they do something and fuck it up. 2. My dad is a bit of a blabber mouth at times and if he says anything to Nat or Clint the whole thing is over. I finally came to a decision, I have to do this for Crystal, no parents, no help, just Crystal and I. Maybe Danny depending on how heavily guarded the base is. Bella too, or if we are in dire need of assistance we could call Bethany. She could Mini-Hulk out some people. Anyway, I pushed the button on my earpiece again. "Yes Miss Stark?" "S.T.U. I need you to call off the meeting, I don't need their help anymore." "Right away Miss Stark"

I had been tinkering with my suit for a couple of hours before my phone rang. I picked it up, wondering who it was. "Hello?" i answered the phone. "Ah, good. I was hoping to get a hold of you, how have you been Cora?" I heard a mysterious mans voice on the other end of the line. "I'm sorry, who is this?" i pulled the phone away from my mouth to whisper to S.T.U. "Track this line." "I am called many things, monster by some, brother to one, father to one, you may have heard of me by my true name of Loki" i gasped but before i could signal for Dad i heard Loki say over the other end, "Signaling him wont help, this phone call will be over with quite quickly. I simply want you to see some of the people you look up to in their finest moments. go onto your computer and type 43917862 into your computer. There you will find a video, watch it, it is a very good refresher that you are simply a mortal, as are most of your friends. I am going to go now, until i have the pleasure of speaking with you again, good bye. Oh wait, I almost forgot! How do you like the new eye  color? Now i know the doctors say you could not be controlled but that is incorrect, the only reason i have not is simply that i haven't had the need to. Anyway, Ta Ta!" and the line went dead.

 I stared blankly at the wall for a couple of seconds before I ran over to my computer shaking slightly. I typed in the code and a selection of names popped up. The last names of all the Avengers, including Coulson and Fury. I scroll over to the option of Stark and click it. Cora or Anthony? pops up on the screen. I click Anthony and look at the video that popped up before me. What i saw was one of the lowest points in my dads life, when he was a hostage. 

#####AUTHORS NOTE#####

HEY GUYS!!!!! So i will explain to you what most of the other videos are in the next chapter so RELAX! I love all of you, thank you for all the support you are giving the story be reading and commenting and voting! i appreciate the fact that all of you love reading it as much as i love making it! Anyway, before it gets to sappy, I LOVE ALL OF YOU! AND UNTIL NEXT TIME BITCHFIST!!!!!

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