WHAT? Part Two

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I spent 2 and a half hours watching those terrible videos (yes i am aware i probably shouldn't have), but only one person really caught my eye. Natasha. She had 3 different videos. One was when she was a little girl, overall it basically explained why she cant have children. The next one was when she was in the battle on the ship with Bruce, well, The Hulk. And the last one was one that sent a shiver down my spine, it was when she was interrogating Loki, i can still here his words echoing in my head "I wont touch Barton, not until i make him kill you! Slowly, intimately, in every way he knows you fear! And then he'll wake just long enough to see his good work, and when he screams, I'll split his skull! This is my offer you mewling quim!" His voice filled with power and evil, I couldn't get it out of my head. 

Not only that, he still has control of my mind. I screamed when my ringtone knocked me out of my thoughts, "Hello?" i answered cautiously. "Hey!" i hear Crystals voice from the other end, "Oh my god, um, hi Crystal" "Are you okay? You never call me Crystal." "Yeah, um, sorry, lots on my mind, whats up?". She laughed on the other end, "Oh, you know, planning to break into a Hydra base, the usual." i smiled at that. "Oh yeah, that, did you scout out the place yet?" "I have my guys working on setting us up a blueprint of the buildings weak spots and they will also have the schedule of all of the guards and their break time." "Your amazing" i said walking back up the stairs to the kitchen for a snack. "I know, anyway, i think we are pretty close, like tomorrow night?" I shrugged even though its not like she could have saw it. "I guess." "Cool, anyway, i got to go now, i have practice at three and i need to work on my knife throw, yesterday i missed the left eye of my dummy and hit his nose. i was super upset, so i am practicing a hell of a lot now so i don't suck when i do need to use it." "You missed by like an inch and your upset about that?" "You dont understand Cora, you have a machine to do all the work for you." i gritted my teeth at that, all the Avengers say the same thing about dad and i's suits. "i do a damn good job killing who i have to and staying alive while doing it! I have just as much skill as the rest of you, but i choose to have a better chance of living by being in a suit of armor! What is your peoples problem with understanding that?!" "Woah, calm down Cora, no need to get all defensive." "I'm gonna go before i fly to your house and show you how fast i can kick some ass." "Bye you big baby" "Bye you annoying piece of shit." we laughed and hung up. "Well that got pretty heated." i heard a familiar voice say from behind me. 

"Don't worry Bruce, i can handle a little heat, unlike some people." "Ouch! That hurts Cora, That hurts." "The truth always does." I was trying to think of how much of the conversation he heard but i don't even know when he walked in. Apparently he heard a lot. "So, Hydra huh?" Shit. "I have no clue what your talking about." "Really, were gonna play that game?" "What game?" i looked him in the eye and gave him a little smirk. "I'm gonna have to tell your dad Cora." "NO! Please, this is way beyond what you might be thining, and i want you to know that i want to tell you but it wouldn't help anybody to worry." "Cora, this is Hydra we are talking about, how the hell do you expect to get in there?" "Well, Crystal and I..." "No" i was cut off. "what?" "No, i know why your doing what your doing and i want you to know that it is a bad idea." "Really? Well enlighten me then." He leaned down closer to me and whispered, "you want to get her birth certificate, she wants to know who her parents were, and i want you to know that i know and you nor Crystal need to know." He stood back up to his original position leaning on the wall. "How, What, Who?" "Just stay out of it Cora." I thought for a second before a smile appeared on my face. But then i realised that i was angry, no, i was livid.

I stood up and walked closer to Bruce. Once i got close i kicked him in the groin and elbowed him in the back of the head and knocked him out cold. I heard someone scream my name and I turned around to see Clint coming at me angry, that made me angrier. He went to swing and I ducked and swept his knee, I jumped on him and went to punch his face before being thrown off by a pair of strong hands. I look up and see Steve from where i was thrown to on the floor. I stood up and launched at Steve's throat. Clint caught me mid air and held me from Steve, i thrashed in his arms and managed to get free. I kicked Clint in the groin and kneecapped Steve, My dad and Natasha ran in, hearing the commotion. Natasha was able to get me on the ground, she straddled me and held my arms down, "Cora! Stop it!" i vaguely heard her scream at me.  I was seeing red and i couldn't focus on anything besides attack. 

I screamed and was able to flip us over, i took my hand and pinched the pressure point in her neck which made her body go limp and she lost consciousness. I stood up and looked at Dad, Clint, Steve, and now Thor staring at me, looking speechless. I decided to go after Steve first, one because i know he would never hit a girl. And he was on the end. I walked over to him and smiled, he looked confused, perfect. i seized the opportunity to kick his shin and punch him in the stomach. Clint tripped me but i grabbed his throat as i went down and he came down with me. I kicked him in the head and stood up, i looked at Thor. He held his arm out and i grabbed it and flipped him. Well, i tried. 

Thor grabbed me by my shirt and held me up and yelled in my face, "MISS STARK!!!" i kicked him in his asgardian balls and he fell to the floor. I turned to the last man standing, but as i went for him i felt an excruciating pain in my head and fell to the floor. i laid down on the floor in a fetal position holding my head in pain. Then, i saw a flash of a mischievous smirk and a flash of green before it all went black. 

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