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***Cora's POV***
I was about to leave but I just had to curl my hair. I went downstairs completely forgetting my attire.

When my dad saw me he had the same reaction I thought he would, lots of questions, anyway...I got through that and out the door avoiding another I love you from my dad.

I got to the garage floor before I realized I forgot to curl my hair. "Shit..." I say stepping into my mini Mark 42, it's my favorite so far.

I fly for 10 minutes before I realize that I have no idea where I'm going.

"STU, where is the Blue Bird Diner?" STU is my AI that I made from a prototype of Jarvis. He's very basic but still amazing! His name means S.marter T.han U.

"3 miles to the west mam" I smiled at his British accent and turned west.

~~~~~TIME JUMP~~~~~

I parked my suit and had it fold up and I put it into my purse (It's an improvement I've made of dad's version).

I see Anakin sitting in the corner, absolutely breathtaking, his pure blue eyes to his charcoal black hair.

I was pulled out of my day dream by him talking to me, "Hey! Cora! Over here!" I smile and I walk over to him. "Hey Skywalker!" He smiles, "You know I hate that!" "I know! But your name is Anakin...What else am I going to do?" "Yeah, whatever, what do you want?"

I look at him weird and then I notice the waitress standing next to us. "Oh,sorry, I'll have the cheeseburger basket please, with fries instead of onion rings please." Anakin chuckled at me,

"What?" I asked. "Nothing...I will have the same thing please" he says returning his attention to the waitress. "Coming right up!" She said and walked away.

"Why did you laugh?" I asked after she got out of sight. "You are just so cute when your flustered." He said, I blushed a deep shade of crimson and looked down at my phone which was on with 14 missed calls!

"Ugh, He can wait" I say putting it back in my purse. A little while later the waitress came back with our food and before she walked away she gave Anakin a smirk and me a glare.

I calmed myself down and decided to act like I didn't notice.

~~~~~TIME JUMP~~~~~
(Sorry about the jumps)

Anakin and I were having a good time until I heard a metal clanking noise outside.

I look up to see my dad parking his iron man suit and walking inside, running might be a better term. "Dad?" I said as he ran towards us at a remarkably high speed. "Cora, get in the suit and go home." Was all he said before he grabbed Anakin by the wrist, cuffed him, and called in the rest of the Avengers.

I screamed but I made no progress, my dad only noticed me when I punched the table making an endention in it.

"Cora! Why are you protecting him? Don't you know this is Loki's son!" I looked at him bewildered, "AND THAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO CUFF HIM BECAUSE YOU THINK HE IS EVIL!"

My dad sat Anakin down in a seat and looked at me, "He has been talking with Loki! He has been getting into Asguard, and I don't know how!" I look at him, then at Anakin, then at my dad again.

"A kid that wants to talk to their father... man what a crime! I helped him build the machine to go see his father because I trust him! You can see past his heritage but I can! He is a good guy...he is not like his father."

With that I grab Anakin's hand and sit next to him. "You take him in you take me in." Was all I said before the Avengers arrived and came to get us.

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