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My Dad Is Who?!

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***Cora's POV***
I sit at my mother's bed side, waiting for her to wake up. My mom has stage 3 breast cancer and the doctor has given her 2 months to live.

She started to stir and I grabbed her hand. "Cora?" My mother says barley above a whisper. "Yeah mom, it'tr!!redd3s me, I'm here for you." She smiles at my words and then looks at me seriously, "Cora, I have something to tell you...". "Yeah..." "Honey, I have a folder in my bag, can you get it?" "Yeah" I say as I grab it. "Cora, you know how I told you your father died..." "Yeah, why" I was starting to get nervous. "Honey, it was a lie, your real father's name is in that folder."

I felt sick at what my mom had just told me. "When we're you going to tell me?" I say a little to loudly. "Cora, I was gonna tell you when you were 18 but I need to tell you before..." "Yeah mom, I get it." I look at the rather heavy folder in my hands.

I open it slowly and I look at the name in large print in front of me. ANTHONY STARK.

"Mom, you, and stark, and me, and, wait wait wait. Do you mean the Tony Stark. Famous genius/superhero?!" "Yes sweetie, I mean that one." "YOU KNEW AND YOU BEVER TOLD ME!" I screamed because I was a little to excited. "I found out 4 months ago."

"Okay, mom, why are you telling me this..." I said realizing it was all to suspicious.

"Honey, I want you to find him, I want you to have a normal life after I'm gone." "Mom, please don't, don't bring it up" "I'm going to die Cora, and I want to know you will be safe." I started to cry a little. My mom grabs the folder out of my hand and pointed to a number, a phone number. "Call this number, it'll connect to you to someone who can hopefully help you contact your father." I hugged my my mother and sat in the corner and started reading the file. " well mom I guess I'm going to do some light reading." She chuckles and I start reading.

Thanks for reading my new fanfiction. I hope you love it!! Sorry this one is short, it's kinda an introduction to the story and characters. Well bye... BITCHFIST!!!!!

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