Prison Break

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*****Cora's POV*****

I stopped and stared at my father for a minute before Danny pulled me forward. "Cora? Are you okay?" I nodded. "Why wouldn't I be?" "Well, when you were talking to Crystal, you had this certain look in your eyes, and I don't know it just wasn't like you." "Well, I promise I'm fine. Just a little cranky is all." "Well your Dad said something about Loki? And said that you had made contact with him. Is that true?" "Am I in an interrogation or something? Yes I did talk to him on the phone. But I'm fine, beside what everyone else is saying." " ok Cora I trust you. Just promise you'll tell me if you talk to him again please." "Of course." I answered her as we left the building.

She handed me my suit and I put it on the ground. It unfolded and opened up and I stepped in. "STU? You there?" "Yes Miss Stark. What do you need?" My AI replied. "Remember the Hydra base we scoped out a couple days ago?" "Yes Miss" "We're going there" "Right away Miss Stark. Directions being pulled up now." I smiled and turned to Danny who was waiting patiently for my suit to start up. "Ready?" I asked her. "Yup" she said. At that I took off in the direction of the base. Its time for a prison break.

~~~~~JUMP TO BASE~~~~~

"Shadow! Duck!" I said. Danny ducked and I shot at the man behind her. "Thanks Robocop. I think we lost the element of surprise. Time to get Crystal and get out." I nodded as I flew upwards. "STU, find Crystal." I saw a scan go over the building. "Miss Crystal Barton is in the third floor's west wing." "Thanks STU. Shadow did you get that?" "On my way. I'm going through the trees. Could you thin out patrol before I get there?" "Sure" I said. Boosting the thrusters towards the west wing. "STU I need a body count. How many am I up against?" "I detect 12 heartbeats. 10 are hostile, 1 is Miss Barton, and the other seems to be a dog." "Thanks STU. Could you engage stealth mode and activate the silent bullets?" "Right away" STU replied and I heard the hum of the suit die down and I looked at my feet to see that they weren't there. That means the cloaking system works! Cool!

I made a small hole in the window and went through it. I slowly flew around the hallways going towards the heat signatures. I took down 7 of the 10 targets before Danny got there. "About damn time. I was getting bored of the sneaking. Let's get Meth and get the hell out." I said as she came effortlessly swinging from a tree through the hole I made and landed noiselessly on the floor. "Whatever Robocop, how many are left?" "3 one in the office down the hall and two guard in the doors to the cell. There is also a dog with the ones guarding the door so be careful and try not to kill it if at all possible." "You got it." She said going down the hall.

I suddenly felt a pain in my head and I heard someone, a voice I had heard before, whispering something inaudible. I did my best to shake it off until all of a sudden I got mad. Really mad. "Shadow. Get on the ground. I've got this." She turned around as I engaged the lazers and she hit the floor like a sack of potatoes as I nearly missed her head. The two guards became four pieces of flesh, but the dog was left unharmed. I readied my sights for the dog and was about to shoot when I saw Danny run at me and tackle me. "WHAT THE HELL CORA?!?" She yelled as I got back to my feet. "I'm sorry, I don't know what happened I just couldn't stop myself. I was so angry and I just..." "Robocop, shut up. We need to get to Meth. We will talk later." I nodded and stepped out of my suit.

I walked over to the door pad and pulled out my baby powder. I dusted the keypad and finger prints showed up on the numbers 1,2,4,and 9. I thought for a moment and then I typed in 1492. The light turned green and we walked in. "How did you know?" Danny asked. "Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 14 hundred 92." I replied smiling.

We ran up to where Crystal was. "Meth? Hey, are you okay?" She looks up and you could see her black eye and busted lip. "Yeah. I got ruffed up a bit, but I'm fine." I went to help her up on her feet but she shrinked away from me and got up by herself and gave me a dirty look. I nodded in realization of why she did that and I picked the handcuffs with my bobby pin. "Why did they let you out?" Crystal said as we made our way to the documents room. "I helped her. Meth, listen, I know your pissed, but if you could please act civil until we get the files and get out, that would be great." Danny said. "Whatever" Crystal replied shrugging her shoulders.

We got to the record room with little resistance. Backup was apparently really slow now-a-days. We looked through for about ten minutes before we found what we were looking for. Luckily we found it because immediately we had to run because backup had shown up. I told Crystal to hold on tight to the file and grab my arm. Then I told Danny to grab my other. I set the thrusters to maximum and I flew out of the base. I only went a couple miles to make sure they wouldn't follow. Then I landed and let Danny and Crystal get their hover boards out and we all flew back to the tower.

Upon arrival I was met with an angry group of Avengers and handcuffs. Danny, Crystal and I explained what happened and we got scolded and I was put back in the cell and Danny and Crystal were told to go home. They just went downstairs though.

I kept my ear piece in though so that I could know what was going on with Crystal and what the records said. "Blah blah blah...AH HA! FOUND IT! Birth certificate. Mother's name is Maria Gorlanode, worked as Hydra's #1 scientist until her execution for treason. Interesting. My fathers name is Johann Shmidt. Weird, I think ive heard that before. I'll run it through my data base later. I'm going to go. But Cora, before I do, I just want to say, I'm sorry. I know you didn't mean what you said. But its in the past and I need to get over it." I whispered a small apology, and hung up the call.

I put the earpiece in my bra and played down on the cot Bruce brought in earlier. I later on my back thinking about what happened today at the Hydra base, and what happened. But every time I tried to think about that moment my mind goes blank. I eventually became tired and rolled on to my side, pulled my blanket over me, and drifted off to sleep.

#####AUTHORS NOTE#####

What's up ma bitches!?! I hope you like the new update. I will try to update more often, life is just kinda hectic rn. If you know who Johann Shmidt is leave a comment. NO CHEATING (WHICH MEANS YOU!!!) Anyway, until next time, ILY!, BITCHFIST!!!!!

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