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Life as Maya Stark • Iron Man's Daughter by cocastyle
Life as Maya Stark • Iron Man's kayla
Tony Stark had it all. He had the money, the fame, the girls, and basically anything that he wanted in life. But when a eight year old girl named Maya shows up on his do...
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Why Not? by DannyJesseandJoey
Why Not?by Alex Jacobson
You escaped HYDRA when you were younger, but you weren't able to save your parents. So, you re-entered society as an orphan, hoping to get adopted by a nice family and l...
  • ynstories
  • slowburn
  • avengersxreader
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Bruised (Irondad) by iguessimsmolbean
Bruised (Irondad)by iguessimarwen
When Tony Stark found out that one of his many one night stands was pregnant, he paid her off. During his playboy days, he wasn't interested in taking care of a baby, hi...
  • ironman
  • steverogers
  • tonystarksdaughter
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Peter Parker x reader : Stark's by nekomotherfuker
Peter Parker x reader : Stark'sby Nekomotherfuker
"Let's give Peter a little hug from another Stark."
  • peterparker
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  • hawkeye
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chaos | peter parker  by comedyholland
chaos | peter parker by 🦋
having powers and being tony stark's daughter is chaos [spider-man: homecoming - spider-man: far from home] all credit goes to marvel
  • lillyjames
  • zendaya
  • tonystark
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Bucky Barnes × fem Reader  by HannaLokiBarnes
Bucky Barnes × fem Reader by Hanna Barnes Laufeyson
-Tony is your dad -You are a part of the Avengers -you have a huuuuge crush on Bucky what will happen when he finds out? #avengers #buckybarnes #love #fanfiction #fluff
  • buckybarnes
  • thorodinson
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Raising a Baby (Tony Stark Style) by Mockingjay216
Raising a Baby (Tony Stark Style)by Mockingjay216
Tony Stark had no idea what he was getting himself into when he found that baby girl, abandoned by her family. He's clueless about how to raise a kid, let alone a mutant...
  • mutants
  • ironmansdaughter
  • daughter
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Lost In Her Past  (Civil War Fanfic) by avengers_bnra
Lost In Her Past (Civil War Zendaya's-wife
May 25, 2012. 35H-GQ. That was her name. A name for the girl who was left on the streets by her mother at the age of 2. A name for the girl who was imprisoned, tortured...
  • blackwidow
  • tonystarksdaughter
  • scarletwitch
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When You Saved Me  by AllieRosenthal
When You Saved Me by Allison Rosenthal
Callie has always lived in the darkness, men coming and using her at their will. She thought that this was all there was to life, she couldn't remember any different. Th...
  • natasharomanoff
  • daddysgirl
  • fanfiction
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ALAÏA| Tony Stark's Daughter by marvelbish
ALAÏA| Tony Stark's Daughterby MarvelBish
"I'm confused right now, what the hell is going on?" Alaïa Maria Stark is the biological daughter of Tony Stark and her mother, Micah Philips, who died while g...
  • tonystarksdaughter
  • parker
  • tomholland
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Super Friends [P.Parker] by spiderstark
Super Friends [P.Parker]by spider stark
~I look up to see Spiderman on the ceiling, obviously not realizing I'm present, he reaches up and takes off his mask to reveal his face. "Peter!" I gasp, whic...
  • homecoming
  • peterparker
  • nedleeds
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Spread Your Wings by LoneWriter1
Spread Your Wingsby antisocialbookworm
Being a Stark would be great, right? Wrong! At least according to Sam, you are, who would've given anything to have been born in a 'normal' family, with a 'normal' dad a...
  • action
  • natasharomanoff
  • avengersfanfiction
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DESTROYED | What They Made Me | part 1✔️ by mywhoIeotherworld
DESTROYED | What They Made Me | MyWholeOtherWorld
001. That's what they call her. She doesn't even have a name. Soon after they found out about the illegal activities the company was involved with, the government found...
  • fanfiction
  • tonystark
  • ironmansdaughter
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Fade - A Marvel Fanfiction by LeeandSara11
Fade - A Marvel Fanfictionby LeeandSara11
Erin Schulz. Hydra's Pawn, their greatest fighter yet. One of the enhanced, her power unmatched even by the Maximoff twins. Daughter of Stark but that secret has been hi...
  • tonystark
  • marvel
  • themarvelawards
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It Started With A Mission (Peter Parker Fanfiction) by WillowDay1
It Started With A Mission (Peter Willow Day
Riley Stark has a mission. Her father, Tony, has enrolled her in Midtown School of Science and Technology and she is to keep a watch on Peter Parker. However, Peter begi...
  • ironman
  • avengersfanfiction
  • villain
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Pair of mischief by reginangoh
Pair of mischiefby reginangoh
One Tony Stark is bad enough, but now that he has a loyal partner in crime? The same partner in crime he would adopt as his daughter? Tony might be able to forgive every...
  • brainwash
  • wandamaximoff
  • steverogers
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Karen - Spider-Man / Peter Parker [1] by lover_of_historias
Karen - Spider-Man / Peter lover_of_historias
What if Karen wasn't an AI but an actual person, more precisely Tony Stark's daughter? Maria Stark was your average teenager, she went to school, attended class, she hun...
  • parker
  • romance
  • holland
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Never meant to be. (Peter Parker x reader) by isyssjade23
Never meant to be. (Peter Parker _its_tom_holland_darling
Y/n Stark is 16 years old, she is the Daughter of Tony Stark. He kept her a secret from the public to keep her safe. After the attack on New York he sent her away to a B...
  • complete
  • peterparker
  • tonystarksdaughter
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Cold Nights [Tony Stark Daughter] by calmdownitwasajoke
Cold Nights [Tony Stark Daughter]by calmdownitwasajoke
Teylie's had a hard past. She lives alone and works for her rent, all while staying on top of her grades. When she's working at a diner, a certain group of hero's come i...
  • marvel
  • avengers
  • tonystark
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The "Idiot" (Tony Stark's daughter) by cattercat101
The "Idiot" (Tony Stark's daughter)by Allee
My name is Hailey Stark. I'm Tony Stark's "idiot" daughter. It is not like I don't know anything it's just that I don't try. I gave up on trying a long time ag...
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