Who is Johann?

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*****Tony's POV*****

"Last night. Two unidentified people broke into a Hydra base, took their prisoner, took the prisoners file and fled the scene. Would anyone like to fill in the Xs and Ys?" Fury asked. Agent Coulson, Natasha,and Clint looked down in shame, I looked up in pride. "Our daughters broke into a Hydra base." I said motioning to Coulson and I, "and broke their daughter out and stole their daughter records, and ALL of the kids made it back unscaved." Fury didn't seem to happy about it but personally, I couldn't feel prouder. Yes, I was scared about the whole Loki thing, but she was able to do all of that with no hiccups what-so-ever and Loki didn't have anything to do with it. I'm damn proud of my daughter. Also Coulson's. But mostly mine.

"Yes, Tony. All the girls were fine. But we still have no idea why they did that and none of them will share any information with us!" Fury said slamming his fist on the table. "I know why they did it..." Natasha said looking up finally, "She wanted her birth records." Fury looked at her, "Why would she want those? And why were they there?" Natasha stood there quietly for a minute. "She's adopted." I looked at her confused. In fact, the only person not looking confused was Banner. Who looked like he was thinking. "Okay... Why were they there?" Fury asked avoiding the subject. "We don't know, we noticed they were missing at the house but we just assumed that we had misplaced them. We should have known." Clint responded. Natasha's eyes began to water. "Where is she? She needs to be protected!" Fury looked at her confused. "She's downstairs" Natasha ran out o the room. "How would you have known Hydra took them? And why is Nat so upset?" I asked. Clint opened his mouth to respond but it was Bruce who answered. "Her birth parents..." Bruce looked at Clint and he nodded. "What's the big deal with them?" Fury asked. "Her parent Maria Gorlanode, who worked as Hydra's #1 scientist, and Johann Schmidt" I looked puzzled. "They want her because of some dead scientist genes? I can tell you first hand that Danny is not all that great in science, yes she's better than a lot of people, but not super amazing..." Clint looked at me with a 'How stupid are you?!' face. "They want her because she is the child of Johann Schmidt."

Though still confused I nodded as if I understood and made a mental note to look him up later. Coulson was silent up until that point. "Why are they looking for her now?" He asked. "That's what we are going to find out." Fury said. "Tony, Coulson, you two may leave. I would like to speak to Barton alone." I nodded and was leaving the room when Nat ran in the room.


I ran out of the room and ran to the cage. There, the door was open and Thor,and Steve were on the floor. I smiled a little, thinking about what must have happened.

I yelled for Clint and he came running. "I need you to get someone to pull up security footage. They must have looped it so make sure to fast forward it." He nodded and ran out of the room. I walked over to the two unconscious bodies on the floor. I checked their pulses. Both still alive. I walked out of the room and got a glass of water. I poured one over each of their faces. They got up, not happily, and were telling us what happened.

"Mini Stark was standing outside of the cage with Mini Coulson and Mini Barton. When we ran to aprehend them Little Stark's eyes turned black, she ran at us and i went to grab her and she pinned me to the floor and punched me!" Thor said flabbergasted. "Yeah, after Thor went down I tried to get out of the room but she launched at me before i could get out. I caught her and held her away from me but then Crystal and Danny kneecapped me and Cora kicked my head and everything went black..." Steve said running his head. I nodded, "Yeah, we taught them well..." "Tony, that was not Cora. Her eyes were black and she was much stronger than usual..." I nodded in understnding, Loki was behind it. "Why did Danny and Crystal help her then? If her eyes were black they would have noticed..." "Mini Stark had blue eyes until the Captain and i walked in, then they changed." Thor replied. "So, it was only triggered when she was in trouble...weird." Bruce said walking up behind me. "And that means that Loki hasn't taken full control of her. In fact, I think that she is taking control of him in some sense." Bruce concluded. "What ever is going on, we need to find the girls, before Loki gets to them first."

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