Snow and Snow

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Simon was starting to think revoking Baz's offer to stay at his house was a bad idea. After everyone left to go home the campus was eerily quiet. It made Simon jumpy.
It was cold and, there was no food. Simon was mostly upset that there was no food. He missed his scones. He hadn't eaten in 2 days. He was starved, it was also Christmas Eve. Simon didn't want to be alone on Christmas even if it meant that he would have to spend it with Baz. He thought about visiting Ebb, but he hadn't spoken to her in awhile.
Baz was the most insufferable ( non ) human being Simon had ever met. That was saying a lot considering the awful people he had met, and there had been a lot.
So Simon gathered up what was his quickly diminishing courage and packed a bag and headed to Baz's house. Simon had to walk there which sucked more than a thousand sucks, because halfway through it started snowing.
Needless to say, Snow hated Snow. It was cold and wet, and freezing, and made life miserable.
Being an orphan snow was always bad, it meant you had to stay in the stuffy orphanage all freakin day, with a bunch of kids. It was cold, lonely and miserable.
He trudged through what was about 8 inches of snow. His boots were freezing and he was soaked to the bone. His sweat was probably freezing on his forehead. Simon didn't open his mouth for fear his spit might freeze instantly. Which he decided not to think about. Simon also didn't have a heavy coat. He could never afford one.

Simon was a sad sight, he slowly walked to Baz's door, kind of embarrassed and soaking wet, plus frozen. Simon felt pathetic as he ran the doorbell. I am pathetic. He thought miserably.

Baz's front door was huge, it was shiny black and polished, his house was the most beautiful one Simon had ever seen. It was so big and elaborate, it was actually bigger than most if the orphanages Simon stayed at. The Mage insisted on him staying in a different one every year to protect him.
It was a Victorian mansion, halfway hidden in the trees. Simon felt sad and out of place standing on Baz front porch, he had half a mind to go back, but he figured it would be more trouble than it was worth.
Then he wondered what would happen if Baz turned him away, then he guessed he would shamefully walk back to Watford, and trudge through the blistering cold again,but he didn't want to do that, AT ALL, it was at the bottom of his priority list right now.
SonSimon stood and waited for someone to answer the door.
Suddenly it opened and a face Simon didn't recognize opened the door.
"Who are you?" Asked an old posh voice.
"I am, uh, here for Baz. I'm go to school with him." Simon silently cursed, now he sounded pathetic too. The face at the door nodded. It was dark, so he couldn't really make out who it was.
"Wait here one moment," said the voice, it was old and rough, but still fancy British. The face went back inside and closed the door.
Simon awkwardly waited for a few moments until a familiar face opened the door.
The face belonged to Baz it it was staring at Simon with what was at first complete and utter disbelief, then it slowly turned into a sneer, a sneer Simon had seen so many times before, the one that was permanently on Baz's face.
"Couldn't find a place willing enough to take your sorry butt in, eh Snow."

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