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Basil sat down in the school "cafeteria" and glared. Why couldn't he be normal, why couldn't he eat normal food and be a normal person, like Simon. Baz was jealous. Why was it him that had to keep a secret, why did his mother have to die protecting him? Why was he alive?
Agatha plopped down next to Baz.
"Why are you like this? Why today?" Asked Agatha as if she was complaining. Basil muttered something under his breath like, why don't you go away. Agatha sighed.
"Is it because you don't have a date? To the dance today." That statement caught Baz off guard. That couldn't be it, he thought, right?
"I know how you feel about him."
"About who?" Basil asked pretending not to know, even though he knew with every being of his body who she was talking about. Agatha sighed again and looked at something in the distance that he couldn't see.
"Simon." She said after what felt like hours. "The entire school knows you care for him more than you let on." Now it was Baz's turn to sigh. Yes they had had that episode I the bedroom, but did people think he was, in love, with Simon. It couldn't be. Baz had never even considered the idea.
"No matter," said Agatha standing up. "But you'd better be at the dance tonight, date or no."
With that she up and left Baz to listen to the sound of his thoughts,
I know how you feel about him....
Her words rung in his ears. What did he feel for Simon, were they past friends?
Baz got up, maybe he could ask Penelope to go with him, as a friend. Basil smiled to himself and he left to find her, maybe normal wasn't so great after all.

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