Inventive Stories

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"Tyrannus Basilton Pitch!" Simon yelled, even though Baz was in the room with him. He wanted Baz to understand that he was angry. "Yes?" Said Baz coolly with a bored, why are you bothering me? expression. "Why were you going through my stuff again!" Said Simon. This wasn't the first time that Baz had done this, and now it was making Simon more mad then annoyed. "I wasn't going through your stuff, Snow. You don't have anything I want or need. You're starting to get a little ridiculous." Baz said calmly and he yawned to show that he was extra bored with this particular conversation. "Well your the only other one in this room. Who else would have?" Simon asked. "Maybe it was the Mage. Or maybe Penelope used her superior magic skills to break in her and find out why you suck at Magic even though it's the 5th year for you." Baz said with sarcasm and a little bit of annoyance to his voice. "Your stories are getting more and more inventive Basil." Said Simon. "What stories?" Said Baz as he left the room. Simon hated it when he did that, when he left before he knew Simon was done. Simon finished looking through his clearly rummaged drawers, nothing was missing. How peculiar, Simon thought as he ran down the hall to catch Baz before Politickal Science started.

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