The Insidious Hundrum

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Baz was in utter disbelief, no, what he was feeling was much different than disbelief. What he was feeling was denial. What he was feeling was void growing in his soul. A void growing where his family should have have been.

He stared at the faces of his siblings. His parents. His family.
Their cold unblinking eyes staring straight into his soul. These people who had cradled him, hugged him, bandaged him, these people who were always there when no one else was. These people who had cheered on his attempts at killing the 'chosen one'. These people who were no longer alive. These people who Kaye's side by side, their blue veins showing through their dark Egyptian skin.

Baz body was quivering. His breath was dangerously fast but his movements were incredibly slow. He crawled along the bodies. He could feel his hands and knees soaked in blood, their blood. The blood make big its way into each crevice in skin and in his nails. The red seeping into every pore.

He looked at each member of his family and touched their cold faces and closed their unblinking eyes. He owed them at least that. The red on his hand stained their eyelids so that each body had ring streaks of brown caked blood on their faces that vaguely resembled war paint.

Finally Baz got to Mordelia, who was laying next to his Father and stepmother.

Something inside him snapped.

"Mordelia!" He cried as he shook her body with such force Simon thought she might rip. "Wake up!" He screamed, but he was answered wth only defeating silence. Mordelia who he had played with, joked with, laughed and cried with. Mordelia, his sister.
Baz threw himself over her body and began to sob. Thick heavy tears rolling down his cheeks. His greasy black hair was tangled with hers and laying all over the place.

Mordelia's white dressing gown was stained with blood, and now Baz was too. His white shirt was soaked with it. His knees his knees, his hands, his face, caked with thick wet blood.

Even Simon could feel it. The blood. Seeping into his shoes and socks. Simon looked down at Baz. He knew that there would nothing that could comfort him, he wanted to help but he couldn't imagine losing a family, after all he had never even had one.

Truthfully Simon was still trying figure out what had happened. Who could have done such a monstrous thing, above all why? Sure the Pitches were annoying old families that always planned war with the mages and Simon, but still, they were more of an annoyance than a serious threat.

Suddenly it dawned on Simon. There was someone who would do this, there was someone who could this.
No, Simon thought, not a someone, a something. The Insidious Humdrum. The beast masquerading as Simon and taking all the magic that he loved, that everyone loved and vacuuming the world of it. Leaving magic voids that felt dry and empty, that felt useless.

It was then that Simon the heard thick heavy footsteps tropping down the stairs. Simon looked over to Baz, he was to distraught to even know where he was and was sobbing so loud that even Simon could barely hear the steps. And so Simon knew that when the humdrum was came he would have to face just as he always had, alone.

The humdrum was coming. This time Simon would be ready, not like the other times when Simon was young and defenseless. Defenseless against a creature that called himself the insidious humdrum and pretended to be Simon, fighting with that stupid red ball that he had carried around as a child. This time it would be different, this time he had someone to fight for, a life that mattered more than his own ever could. A life that was falling to pieces and needed someone there to pick up the shards and put them back together. This time he was not just fighting for himself but for Baz. For this broken boy, for his broken boy.

Simon stepped through the bloodied room and positioned himself so that when the humdrum came it would have to face him before it could even touch Baz. The humdrum could have to pry Baz's heart out of Simon's cold dead hands if that's what it came to.

The steps grew louder and came dangerously closer. The humdrum was smart, smarter than Simon, but Ismon had something the humdrum didn't, Simon had lint force and heart plated with gold. A heart beating for only 1 person, a heart beating for Baz.

Simon started shaking, he shook and he shook and his breathing became so shallow that it seemed he would stop any minute.

Then suddenly, it stopped.
Simon stopped breathing for a moment, his sword fell to the ground with a clutter and let out a gasp. All he could do was stand and gawk.

Simon saw the shoes first, then the tattered brown pants, the green shirt and red cape.

What he saw last was the hat. The hat he has seen so may times, during training, during long talks that had often made so sense to Simon at the time. During all his years at Watford, during the moments that Simon would define as some of the greatest in his life. That hat that had sat in the head of the one who had called Simon his heir.

The monster that killed Baz's family wasn't the humdrum at all. This was a different type of monster.

The monster that stepped out of the shadows was the one man that Simon had trusted most in this world, the man Simon had looked up too, who Simon aspired to be. This man wasn't a man at all, he was a force. This force that had been silently tearing that the world of magic since he had arrived. This force that called himself the Mage.

Hahaha finally got my stuff together to write this, hope I don't leave you at yet another cliff hanger for to long!!!
Thanks to all of you that read and comment, it's really inspired me to keep it going even when I'm ready to give this story up, you guys keep me writing &I really appreciate it!


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