Fire from the Sky

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Simon groaned, and Baz laughed.
Suddenly serious Simon turned to Baz.
"How long have you..well,known" Baz looked at Simon, his grey eyes becoming sullen.
"I have always known. Somewhere deep inside I always knew..."
"I feel like I knew deep down somewhere but I buried underneath my duties and ignored it."said Simon quietly
Baz nodded slowly. He pictures himself going up into flames right now, then Simon going up into flames in order to match him. They would fall together. They would fall, in fire, from the sky, together.
Then Baz thoughts drifted elsewhere, what were Penelope and Agatha going to think about this?
Baz laid back on the roof. Simon did the same, except Simon reached for Baz's hand. And Baz took it.
Definitely falling together from the sky. They were both on a downward slope that was bound to end in horribly with a splat, once they reached the ground. Their burning corpses would be together holding hands, even after nosediving into the cold, wet, hard pavement below. But for now they were still falling together.

Hey guys, in the next few chapter I may start to diverge from the book! Just a heads up. Also don't be afraid to ask questions on the story. Thanks sooooo much. And I am sooo grateful for all your support. Remember to vote!

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