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"Do you think we will still have to kill each other one day?" Simon wondered aloud.
They were still sitting on the roof. But it was about noon now. Baz's family was probably wondering where he was.
"I don't want to think about it." Baz said. He was looking up at the sun, but he was lying in the shade.
"Why not?" Simon asked as he propped him self up on his elbow.
"Because you would win."
"No I wouldn't."
"Yes you would."
"Stop Simon."
"Snow. I have had plenty of time to think about this." Baz said sighing sadly. He refuses to look at Simons face. "You are the greatest Magician I'm a hindered years. You would win. It's a fate I have excepted. You should too."
"But why should I?" Simon yelled out into the distance.
"Because." Baz said looking away sadly.
Right when he thought the tides turned in his favor, they swept him further out to sea.
"Because is not a answer for a Grimm-Pitch." Simon said, doing his best impression if Baz's father.
Baz wanted to laugh. Instead he let the flame he had conjured dance on his hand.
"That's the way it is Simon. I can't change it."
"But I can." Simon said as he took Baz's hand, flame and all, and kissed him.
The burn hurt but Simon didn't care. He kissed Baz until his lips were numb and his hand felt like he had put in in a fireplace.
"Snow....." Baz said.
"You called me Simon before." Simons eyes were brighter than the Sun.
"No I didn't." Baz said smiling to himself.

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