Mental and Mothers

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Baz spend most of the day in the catacombs. He had been draining rats, even though they weren't enough. He couldn't go into the woods to hunt again for awhile, he didn't want Snow to see him again.
Most of the time he just felt sorry for himself. He sat my his mothers grave surrounded by skulls piled 6 ft high. Most people would find it unsettling. Baz found it peaceful. After all he was half dead himself, right?
People always told him that his mother would be so proud of his achievements. So proud of how her boy had grown up.
But if Baz's mother was alive, Baz would not be. She would have killed him she found out that he was a vampire. During the attack she was bitten and the last thing she did was burn herself. She would have burned him too. She could never be proud of him. Of her vampire son.
Baz always refreshed the flowers by her grave.
Why him? Why was he bitten? Why was he even here if he knew his mother hated him.bshe was probably looking down from above shaking her head.
Why him? He sobbed into her stone coffin.
"Is this what you wanted?" He whispered. "Are you proud?" He whispered.
"Is this what you wanted! Are you proud of you little boy!" He yelled throwing a skull at the wall. It bounced back and hit him in the stomach he doubled over still crying.
"Look what I've become." He sobbed. Tears rolling down his cheeks, his normally groomed and slicked back hair was falling into his eyes. He slid to his knees. "I'm a monster." He whispered
Baz heard footsteps and turned around. He had a feeling it was Snow, he couldn't be seen like this.
There was nobody there. Except the sounds of somebody running away.
Whoever it is probably thinks I'm mental, Baz thought shaking his head. He needs to go back to the room and het himself together before classes started. He wiped his eyes and used the spell "As you were." To clean up his mess.
I probably am mental, thought Baz as he walked up the stairs, ask anyone.

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