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Simon was wandering around the woods when he saw Baz.
"What are you doing out here!? Where have you been?" Simon yelled. Baz turned around. Simon ran towards him sword drawn just in case.
Upon closer inspection, Baz looked terrible. Whiter than normal, gray, drained.
Simon opened his mouth to say something but Baz narrowed his eyes.
"Don't speak." He was afraid if Simon spoke he would only want Baz desperate for more. It was times like this Baz felt he only had two options, kill him, or kiss him. Simon looked to full of everything, life, blood, love. Bravery. Everything Baz wanted. What would Snow say if he kissed him, what if he attacked? He could never decide.
"Where have you been?" Simon asked with his sword still drawn. Baz had tears rolling down his cheeks. Baz was so happy to be back, to see his knight, but Simon would never know. He would never know how much he thought about him while he was kidnapped. Simon was the light in the darkness of Baz's heart and he would never know.
"Go away!" Baz said with magic. Simon could feel it he spell working.
Why was Baz acting like this? He was standing the middle of the wavering wood with tears rolling down his cheeks. Normally you never saw Baz's emotions. He always had them in control and hidden. He didn't bother to wipe the tears away. They clung to his jaw. He looked so awful. Crying, gray, drained. Out of control.
Simon was pushed out of the wavering wood by the spell. He was utterly confused and went back to his room, thinking he had dreamt the entire scene. It was Baz. Standing in the middle of the woods, out of control, and looking like he he wasn't right in the head. Simon shook his head. He must have eaten to many buttered rolls...
Baz still stood there with the tears coming down. He wasn't quite sane right now. After all he hadn't eaten a real meal this week. He hadn't t really wanted Simon to go away. He wanted Simon to stay and comfort him. He could only push people away with his cold exterior.
Baz turned his attention instead to something he could do. Hunt.
After he caught a doe and felt color come back to him, and he instantly regretted his earlier decisions. How could he have lost control and let Simon see his emotions? He wanted to go hide, hopefully Snow would think it was a dream.

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