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It was nearly dinner time when Simon and Baz finally came off the roof. Christmas dinner at the Pitch house was extravagant, just like everything else there.

Baz was trying to focus on dinner by his eyes kept wandering over to Simon. Simon would blush bright red and look down at his plate.

The Pitch family kept trying to make small talk with Simon to no avail. They didn't know how to talk to him like he was a normal person. He isn't a normal person Baz thought to himself, he is the mages heir.

Then he started to wonder about how long the Mage would tolerate their relationship. Or if he would tolerate it at all.

"Dinner was delicious." Simon said standing up. "But if you'll excuse me I need to uh, go upstairs."  Simon had a fake polite smile. He was such an idiot.

Baz giggled. Simon really had no proper manners. Simon blushed again. Baz had to admit that it was adorable.
Baz folded his napkin on the table.

"May I please be excused?" His father nodded and Simon and Baz left the table together, which earned them stair from the family.

They both climbed the extensive amount of steps in the Pitch household to get up to Baz's room.

Baz looked extremely pale on a daily basis but today he looked worse than usual.

"You haven't eaten yet, have you?" It was more of a statement than a question.

"Didn't you just eat dinner with me Snow?" Baz knew what Simon meant but he didn't  want to have to feed with Simon around.

"You know what I'm talking about." Simon said very seriously. "You can't go on like that."

"It's unfair Snow. I shouldn't have to leave you to go suck the life out of a living creature."

"Then don't leave me." Simon said quietly.

"I am not taking you out with me to-"
"To what?!" Simon interrupted. "You're just eating."

"I'm not 'just eating' Simon." On Baz frustration and hunger his fangs slipped out.

"Woah. They just come out in their own?" Simon said, to Naz relief he had immediately dropped the subject of feeding to state in awe at Baz's fangs.

"Well yeah, how else do you expect them to be Snow." Baz said rolling his eyes.

"Hm" Baz said pretending not to hear.

"You called me Simon again."
"No I didn't."

"You did." Simon said leaning in. Baz leaned to meet Simon.

Their foreheads were touching.

"Please let me come." Simon

"You think you can seduce me with kisses to get me to change my mind Snow?"

Simon blushed deep red, yet again and had that stupid, adorable smile on his face.

"I'm such a pushover." Baz sighed.  Simon's face lit up.

"You mean..."

"Yes Snow. But when we come back we have to work on your table manners."

Simon frowned.

"My manners on fine!" He protested. Baz rolled his eyes and kissed Simons head as he got up.

"Whatever you say, Snow."

Sorry I haven't posted in months but I refuse to abandon my story!! Hopefully more soon!!

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