You Know Nothing

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"You know nothing about me!" Argued Simon. He and Baz were having yet another argument about Simon being "the greatest magician in a hundred years." Baz just didn't understand the pressure. "Actually I know lots about you Snow." Snapped Baz. "I know that you worry about not meeting everyone's expectations. I know that you sometimes don't believe you are in this school and are afraid one day you'll wake up and realize this was all just a crazy dream, and you'll wake up in the orphanage again, unwanted, without a family. And I know you never make the bed," Baz went on, his voice was a little louder now. "And I know you practice your spells with a stick out in the courtyard, and I know that you sleep with 2 pillows stacked on top of each other and that you kick all your blankets to the bottom of the bed." Simon was taken aback. Baz knew all this? Simon could barely remember Baz's full name, (unless he was mad at Baz) much less how he sleeps or practices magic. "I know more about you than Agatha does, or even the Mage for that matter." Baz whispered. Simon sat down and pondered all this. "How?" Simon asked. "I've known you for 5 years. You should hope I picked up on something." Baz said quietly. "I feel bad, " said Simon. "I hardly know anything about you, and yet I judge you everyday, and I'm so mean sometimes. It's just easier to take your anger out on someone who doesn't care." Simon put his head in his hands and started to sob, not a gentle tears but heaps of tears. He couldn't catch his breath.
Then something unexpected happened. Baz came over and hugged Simon. It was a strong hug, it was a hug that made Simons worries melt away. Baz wrapped himself around Simon as if he was shielding him from the world. Simon hugged him back and the sat in an embrace, and for a few minutes Simon forgot about the Mage and Agatha and the orphanage.
There was only him and Baz and strong hug.

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