Agatha's Boyfriend

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Baz walked up to Simon, his face was serious and his eyes were narrowed. "Is there a problem Snow?" He spat. He was really close to Simons face. Simon didn't like it. In fact Simon disliked everything about Baz. Simon didn't like the way he walked, talked or spoke to anyone. Didn't his parents teach him about personal space? Thought Simon. "Actually, there is." Said Simon standing up a little straighter so that he  would seem bigger. Baz was still quite a bit talker though. "And what would that be?" Baz said coolly. "I'd like to know what you were doing doing over there with my girlfriend." Said Simon. Baz sneered. Girlfriend. That was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard Simon say. (And he had heard a lot of ridiculous things over the years) Simon hardly ever talked to Agatha and now he was claiming she was his girlfriend?
        Baz sneered at Simon. "She is not your girlfriend."  "Oh yeah?" Said Simon. Then Agatha came over. " I have no boyfriend yet, I'm still finding myself out and I'm not ready for commitment. So if you all would stop fighting that would be wonderful." Agatha walked in between the to get the 2 of the them out of each others faces. As as left to go to class Simon and Baz jaws were dropped, (At least mentally.) they both wanted her, they would do anything to have her, and Agatha didn't know it yet but in the years that would follow Simon and Baz would always try to beat each other to the opportunity to have Agatha. After all, she was the most desirable and hardest to reach girl in school.

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