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"Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch!" Simon yelled on his way up the stairs. He was really fired up this time, you could tell by the way he walked into the room with his hand in a fist. His eyes looked wild.
"No need to yell, I'm right here." Baz said unaffected by the use of his full name. He was still drained from being shoved in a coffin for about a week, with no food. He still looked horrible. Grey, drained, tired.
Saying he wasn't in the mood for Snow's anger right now would be an understatement. He was past the verge of tolerance and could explode at any moment, and he did not to explode around Snow or else he may say things that he might regret later.
"No word on where you have been the past week, you weren't in the room this morning and all of a sudden you just show up into class?!" Simon yelled. He was pissed. Last night he had dreamt he saw Baz in the woods crying last night but that was impossible because he wasn't in the room this morning. Then casually he just shows up to classes like it's been a totally normal week. Simon was mad. They were roommates and they didn't tell each other everything but Simon did expect to have an answer for why his roommate had been gone for a freaking week.
Baz stood up. He towered over Simon by at least 3 inches. He was always looking down on Simon. Baz loved being taller than him, it gave him a little edge. Simon however hated it.
"Why is it your business where I've been? Did you miss me?" Baz said sneering. Baz was always sneering. Even when he was smiling he was sneering. It was like his face only knew 3 positions, anger, sneering, and annoyed.
Baz saw in Simons eyes that he had struck a nerve and continued with annoying questions in tone that Simon hated.
"Did it unsettle you that I was gone?"
Simon mumbled to himself.
"Aleister Crowly, it did unsettle you. I thought I'd never see the day." Baz said sitting back down on his bed. Trying not to look at Simons adorable angry face. Baz lobed when Simons eyebrows were knitted together and his mouth was drawn into a frown. It was cute.
Simon stuck his tongue out and yelled some inappropriate language as he stormed out of the room, thinking to himself,mont let Baz get to you, over and over again. Baz had won this time. And both of the, knew it because he was sitting in his bed with a small sly little smile, humming to himself.

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