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Simon was sitting in the grassy hills outside the school gates. He found this areas peaceful because here he wasn't the chosen one. Here he was normal, just like any other person.
He laid down in the green grass.nit was so soft. And the sun was so warm. He could lay here forever.
But his peace didn't last, he found himself constantly thinking about Baz in the catacombs. He was laying in top of his mothers grave sobbing, not just crying he was sobbing rivers of tears, and yelling things. Things about being proud, and being a monster. Was Baz really a monster? Maybe in a certain light. Simon knew if he turned Baz in as a vampire the would pull out his fangs ( which Simon had never actually seen) and they would break his wand, he could even be stricken from the book.
His hair had been in his face and he had been throwing the skulls )of the dead people that used to go to the school) that he respected so much.
The whole scene kinda disturbed Simon. Baz was not an emotional person and just the thought of him crying and yelling made Simon uneasy.
As he was going through what had happened in his head Agatha walked over the hill and stood above Simon. Her head blocked out the sun and made her seem as if she had a halo. She was so beautiful, her blonde hair with a ribbon braided in it. If wanted to have Simon back he would have said yes in an instant and apologized about the dance, but somehow he doubted it.
"Simon, I wanted to talk to you about something." Her blond hair was blowing in the wind and she was shuffling her feet. She looked nervous. Simon sat up and looked at her.
"The holidays are this Friday, I don't think you should come with me this year. It would be awkward. Is that okay?" She asked. Simon wanted to scream no! Where else would I go? But instead he just weakly nodded.
"Thank for understanding." She said as she walked back over the hills.
Simon was worried. He would have nowhere to go over the holidays. He didn't have a family or a house, and he wasn't going to go to the orphanage for holidays and spending it with the Mage, that would just be disastrous. He imagined the Mage giving him an unsolvable puzzle and making him solve it as a present.
He thought about going with Penny, but her parents thought about him as a bull in a china shop. They didn't like him that much. He would just have to figure this out later, Baz would think it was hilarious. But them again the catacombs had proven he may be mental if emotionally unstable.

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