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Baz helped Simon fasten his tie
"Are you ready?" He asked Simon curiously, after all Simon was going with his...girlfriend, whom Baz also had feelings for.
"Ready as I'll ever be." Simon sighed. Simon was nervous about going with Agatha. He had never been to a dance. What if he fell? He had a feeling he was going to make a fool of himself. Baz decided to leave Snow alone for a little while. After all, he had to go meet Penelope anyway. She had agreed to go to the dance with him as a friend.
"Well don't you look sharp?" Said Penelope when he meet her out in the hallway. She was wearing her usual pigtails. She had on a light green gown that what down to her knees. She wore pointed wizard shoes and a pair of sparkly earrings.
"It's only my casual outfit, you should see what I wear to real party's." Baz Saudi jokingly. Penelope giggled. Baz had forgotten how much fun she was. Baz held out his arm and Penelope took it. They stood there for a moment. One awkward moment.
"Well are we going or not, I don't want to wait here for the grass to grow."
Baz laughed and they headed into the ballroom together.

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