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Simon stared at himself in the mirror. His suit didn't fit quite right, it was a little baggy, but otherwise okay. He was also wearing a black tie, and crisp black shoes. All of which were borrowed from Baz. Simon didn't own anything this nice, after all he had grown up an orphan. R
Simon remembered when Baz had said yes after Simon had been certain he would laugh in in face and say no.
They had been sitting in their room together. Simon was quite nervous to ask him for something.
"Basil, er, Baz, can I ask you something?" Baz looked up from his reading and frowned,
"Of course you interrupt right when I get to the good part but go ahead,"  Simon took a deep breath.
"You know that the dance is coming up, right?" Asked Simon figeting in his chair.
"Yes Simon, Do you need advice on....girls?" Basil asked raising an eyebrow. Simon laughed a shaky laugh and shook his head.
"No, you see, I don't own any, uh, dress clothes besides my school uniform. Can I, uh, borrow one of your suits?" Simons whole body was shaking, he would feel like a fool if Baz refused. Baz rolled his eyes. Simon was sure that he was going to make a smart remark and laugh at him. Simon braced for impact, but Basil surprised him.
"Aren't we past the sharing clothes point by now, Snow? You could have just taken one." Baz walked over to the closet and pulled out two suits. Baz put one on and showed Simon how to properly put in the other one.
"There," said Baz once he was done. "Like a real gentleman." Simon was almost in tears. He had never worn anything so fancy in his life. He loved the crisp back and the fancy pointed back shoes and the black tie, the whole thing was magnificent.
He gave Baz a hug and tried not to cry, but failed slightly. He had some tear coming but Baz wiped them away. Simon rested his forehead against Baz's.
"Thank you" he whispered,
"Your welcome you thumping idiot." Baz whispered back.

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