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A Cold Wind of Change by imastupididyut
A Cold Wind of Changeby imastupididyut
I saw him through the dust and rubble for the very first time and thought he was the hero sent to save me when I looked into his smiling eyes the very first time. We had...
Drunk Nights and Late Decisions (snowbaz)✔️ by lonley_author
Drunk Nights and Late Decisions ( Lonely author
Simon's drunk, and thinks visiting Baz's house is a good idea.... TW: alcohol, coarse language, mild violence, blood, smut
Snowbaz one-shots  by lonley_author
Snowbaz one-shots by Lonely author
Read the book cover, that what it is, I'm trying to not use words that will get this flagged lmao. Used to have like 40k on this till it got taken down 😒 If you like my...
Falling For Damien Allen boyxboy by MaxNight
Falling For Damien Allen boyxboyby Max Night
"I promise not to catch feelings" "Me too" What a heaping pile of bullshit that was. Based on 'Damien' one shot found in my one shot book Harder
Breathless. . . (a snowbaz story)  by ohMyLordddd
Breathless. . . (a snowbaz story) by BazTheVampire
Baz's POV He slowly stalks towards me, his thick bronze curls bouncing with every step. I feel my lips curl into a smile. Disappointment be damned, I can't resi...
20 First Kisses by angelsfalling16
20 First Kissesby angelsfalling16
After reading Carry On, I kept thinking of different ways/times that Simon and Baz could have had their first kiss, so I decided to start writing them down. Some of them...
Magicks, Simon and Baz (Snowbaz fic) by Avidwriter114
Magicks, Simon and Baz (Snowbaz Avidwriter114
A Collection of Simon and Baz arguments and kissing, and hopelessly wondering whether or not they are in love
Strawberries And Cigarettes ; Snowbaz One Shots by 1-8oo-L0ve-U
Strawberries And Cigarettes ; 1-800-LOVE-U
90% Fluff 10% Drama (because, Baz.) Requests open:)
SnowBaz Short Stories by Carry_On_SnowBaz
SnowBaz Short Storiesby Penelope
This is a little collection of stories that I think would happen during or after Simon and Baz's eighth year. I also accept prompts and suggestions for stories. Just mes...
My Boy// SnowBaz ✔️ by lonley_author
My Boy// SnowBaz ✔️by Lonely author
Baz is a stripper at a club that Simon gets dragged to by his friends on his 22nd birthday. For all my horny readers, smut is on chapter 17 (but I also have an entire...
My Better Half (Sequel to My Cup of Tea) by bibliosoph
My Better Half (Sequel to My Cup bibliosoph
It's been a year since Simon and Baz broke up: a year of Simon Snow having to see pictures of Baz and Agatha in the papers as the happy power couple, a year of Baz Pitch...
I'm A Wreck // SnowBaz by CELESTIALSERO
I'm A Wreck // SnowBazby Asher (he/him)
Baz dropped his head onto the edge of Simon's bed, next to Simon's limp hand. "I'd take all of your stupidity if it meant I could have you back." ~ Or, when G...
Stolen First Kiss by QueenOfGIFS
Stolen First Kissby Queen
Snowbaz onshot. Baz just really wants to kiss Snow. I'm sorry if this is trash, it's my first Carry On fic.
The Key to My Heart (Or to Baz's Diary) by Beezeena
The Key to My Heart (Or to Baz's Lauren
Simon finds Baz's diary after flipping their room upside down in a fit of rage. Except it's locked... Then Simon agrees to do a 'favour' for Baz. Simon didn't know it wo...
Illicit Funds • J Cody by tactiboolin
Illicit Funds • J Codyby 🅱️oolin
Illicit /i(l)ˈlisit/ adjective forbidden by law, rules, or custom ••• I don't own the animal kingdom characters and plot you know the drill ••• Season 3-4+
I Trust You  by phan_80s
I Trust You by Megan
Baz and Simon now live together. It is their one year anniversary, what could possibly go wrong? Apparently a lot. Simon gets angry and uses Baz's vampire weaknesses ag...
Carry on , love .   Snowbaz oneshots ~ by BlankXOX
Carry on , love . Snowbaz Cam
Simon snow and Basilton Pitch . Enemies , friends , lovers . Same concept different words .
crowley: a snowbaz fanfiction by pseudonym00
crowley: a snowbaz fanfictionby pseudonym00
simonxbaz - - - requests are appreciated - - - i do not own these characters know the drill
Stuck with you  by lonley_author
Stuck with you by Lonely author
Simon and Baz are back for their second year at Uni durring the Covid pandemic. They're stuck quarantining together for the next 14 days, and Simon is loosing his mind...
Head Over Heels - A Simon and Baz fic by foursixten
Head Over Heels - A Simon and Hanna Harvey
Simon and Baz have lived through seven straight years of sharing a room and hating it. But this year that all might change. When they are paired together (against their...