All That We Are by hi-its-lefty
All That We Areby •Lefty•
Simon Snow and Basilton Grimm-Pitch; the self-proclaimed super villain that almost ate up all magic and the world's friendliest, least-bloodthirsty vampire. Together the...
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  • rainbowrowell
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Hetalia - Pottertalia/Hetasnow- A Seven Year Break by NightReaper58
Hetalia - Pottertalia/Hetasnow- ARMYxCARAT201
When all the countries gather around secretly to discuss topics about how much workload they have, they decide to disappear and get a break from all the work. But, the q...
  • aphprussia
  • aph
  • harrypotterxhetalia
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Falling (snowbaz) by lonley_author
Falling (snowbaz)by Lonely author
Simon is okay, his girlfriend didn't abuse him, he isn't trying to use his roommate to distract him from his pain, and he definitely isn't falling for his roommate in th...
  • bazpitch
  • snowbazsmut
  • simon
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Return of the Mage's Heir by hashtag_l1ly
Return of the Mage's Heirby Lily
This is an unofficial, fanfictional sequel to Carry On, following the love of Simon Snow and Basilton Grimm-Pitch. All rights go to Rainbow Rowell, I do not own any of...
  • magician
  • watford
  • micah
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I Trust You  by phan_80s
I Trust You by Megan
Baz and Simon now live together. It is their one year anniversary, what could possibly go wrong? Apparently a lot. Simon gets angry and uses Baz's vampire weaknesses ag...
  • baz
  • snowbaz
  • mildsmut
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The Sister Of Prongs by dobbylover34
The Sister Of Prongsby ThoughtsAllAround
Maddy is a girl who is James Potters sister and is afraid to be at Hogwarts. But standing by her side are some awesome friends. Now they just need to face the dangers of...
  • marybear
  • potter
  • simon
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wiped out! - snowbaz by achingblush
wiped out! - snowbazby bitch baby
completed~ a cliché story about two sad boys
  • fangirl
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  • ebb
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Mam dość || Snowbaz by MayumiHitsuji
Mam dość || Snowbazby MayumiHitsuji
Simon Snow stracił magię w walce z Podstępnym Szaroburem, ale od kiedy jest na studiach wszystko jakoś się układa. No, przynajmniej do wakacji. Wszystkie postacie należą...
  • fluff
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simon + baz by boppinbees
simon + bazby b lidd
a series of one shots. (short stories, almost). just some cute, simple, simon and baz- my favourite boys. this is ongoing until i pretty much run out of ideas, so comme...
  • simon
  • chapter61
  • penelopebunce
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Snowbaz by KatherynNavedo
Snowbazby L.Kat MR Black
Lo diré con una sola palabra... SNOWBAZ El hermoso shipp de el libro Carry On
  • carryon
  • ágatha
  • simon
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Magicks, Simon and Baz (Snowbaz fic) by Avidwriter114
Magicks, Simon and Baz (Snowbaz Avidwriter114
A Collection of Simon and Baz arguments and kissing, and hopelessly wondering whether or not they are in love
  • simonoliversnow
  • boyxboy
  • baz
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Baby- SnowBaz by PurpleTortoiseReal
Baby- SnowBazby Purple Tortoise
It had been 3 months now and Simon's swelling belly continued to grow. "Baz?" Simon called "I have something to tell you...." Maybe the wings and ta...
  • snowbaz
  • rowell
  • bazxsimon
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SnowBaz Short Stories by Carry_On_SnowBaz
SnowBaz Short Storiesby Penelope
This is a little collection of stories that I think would happen during or after Simon and Baz's eighth year. I also accept prompts and suggestions for stories. Just mes...
  • love
  • fanfiction
  • pitch
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Don't Stop. by hi-its-lefty
Don't •Lefty•
A Snowbaz story. There's a first time for everything, and Simon is terrified of this first time. Baz is just so pretty, so perfect-- what if he's disappointed? Just a...
  • watford
  • simon
  • rainbowrowell
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Simon and Baz by Kawaii_Potato_Puff
Simon and Bazby Megan
I was just so obsessed with Rainbow Rowell's Carry On so I just had to write a fan fiction. And recently I was sorting out my books and came across Carry On. So I read i...
  • carryon
  • mage
  • baz
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SnowBaz by pipaaaaaa
SnowBazby Pipa
A short fic in which Simon and Baz get a teensy bit more intimate. It's cute, it's fluffy, it's SnowBaz. My first real one shot, enjoy! (Feel free to tell me if there...
  • short
  • carry
  • pitch
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Illicit Funds ◇ J Cody by tactiboolin
Illicit Funds ◇ J Codyby str8 boolin
To law enforcement and most of the world, Hunter Thorpe's father is a successful Beverly Hills lawyer. They live a picture perfect life in a modern Bel Air mansion, dona...
  • animalkingdom
  • joshcody
  • smurf
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With Me Forever |SnowBaz| by AmuahWrites
With Me Forever |SnowBaz|by Amuah
"I'm going to turn you into a vampire and make you live with me forever." -Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch Baz fully intends to keep his word. But he just doesn'...
  • snowbaz
  • bazpitch
  • baz
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Moonlight (snowbaz) by bibliosoph
Moonlight (snowbaz)by bibliosoph
It's been three months since the incident at Watford, and life has finally eased back into something normal. Well, as normal as it can be for a vampire, a mage, and a bo...
  • snow
  • magic
  • vampire
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Deck the Halls with Baz and Simon by writingcloset
Deck the Halls with Baz and Simonby cløsetpanda
A Christmas break with Baz and Simon
  • baz
  • fifthyear
  • snowbaz
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