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K soooo, I'm very sorry about not posting lately. I promise this story is not going to be abandoned. Now that school is oh I can post more. I truly enjoyed writing this and I want to thank everyone that reads it! Today (the day I'm posting this) where I live it is June 21- the summer solstice, that is also the birthday of our favorite chosen one, Simon snow, so here is a birthday story in honor of his birthday, hopefully posting wil become way more regular in coming days,
Xoxoxoxo- Avidwriter114

Groggy was an understatement for Simon when he woke up. He had no sense of direction or anything else for that matter. He stumbled around his room, knocking things over with his wings and his tail, it didn't help that he was already a klutz.
But Simon couldn't focus, there were amazing smells coming from the kitchen.
He finally made it out of his room. He could still hardly see and was bumping into walls and furniture. He finally stumbled into the kitchen.
Baz was at the stove making breakfast, Baz always was a great cook. He could make anything, given he had ingredients. Simon couldn't even make tea properly. At least not without burning himself while boiling the water.
Baz once told Simon he had a special talent for burning things, Simon snorted, coming from a famous fire magician.
Simon wondered why Baz was making breakfast this morning, he only made breakfast in special occasions.
"Happy Birthday, Snow." Baz called from the kitchen.
Oh right, thought Simon.....
Simon plopped down at the table, Baz was surprised that the chair didn't break into pieces.
That morning Simon ate literally all the scones. All of them. There were 30. Baz had hoped to have leftovers, but it quickly became apparent to him that there would be no food left.
"Alright Snow, you need to leave." Baz said after breakfast was finished. He was practically pushing Simin out the door.
"But whyyyyy?" Simon whined "it's my birthday." Simon pouted.
"I've planned a day out with Penny for you. Your not allowed to come back until I'm done."
"Done what?" Simon complained
"I quests you'll find out." Baz smirked. These days Baz didn't Sneer so much as smirk, Simon thought it was adorable, his mouth turned slightly upward into a little, Sly, half smile.
"Fine." Simon said, "but this had better be good."
Penny came a couple minutes later and took Simon out to the mall and lunch. Baz had text her earlier and told her to just keep Simin busy.
Meanwhile Baz stayed at the house. He had so much to do.
He immediately started going to work in Simons cake. It was a hard recipe.
Baz hadn't fed in awhile and was so hungry while making the cake that his fangs slipped out a couple of times. But Baz didn't have the luxury to feed at this moment, he was in a tight schedule. Picking up more ingredients and presents and decorations.
Finally it was done. Baz was hungry and exhausted, but it was all worth it.
Baz texted Penny to bring Simin home. Penny dropped him off at the flat and went out to dinner with some of her friends.
Upon walking through the he front door Simon was amazed. The house was beautifully decorated in a way only Baz could pull off. It was festive and elegant.
In the middle of the room on the table was Baz holding a cake. The cake was stunning. It was shaped like a tail and wings, and it was 3 tiers. Simon wondered how Baz had the time to make all this.
"So," said Baz smirking. Simons eyes welled up with tears, he had never really had a real birthday before, not like this.
Simon ran into Baz and immediately embraced him. His tail wrapped around Baz's leg and his wings closed over Baz's back. It almost covered him completely.
Simon was about to go in for a kiss but he noticed how strained Baz looked. His face was paler than usually and he looked grey.
Simon was instantly worried.
"When was the last time you fed?" Simon questioned.
Baz became distracted. He seemed all of a sudden very interested in the floor. Which was quite ugly anyway, Baz had always wanted to rip it up, Penny however wouldn't let him.
"Dosent matter." Baz said, slightly growling.
"Yes it does." Simon protested.
"It's your birthday." Baz said exhausted.
"And what, I should have to worry about feeding on your birthday" Baz said, clearly exhausted.
"You are the only thing I need on my birthday. Can't you see, I'd be happy just spending time with you, and I care about your health. You need to take care of yourself."
Baz looked like he was going to argue back but Simon held up his hand.
"Go feed."
Baz sighed. He looked like he didn't have the strength to argue any more.
Baz left and came back a little while later. His skin looked slightly pink. He looked much better.
Simon went over and kissed his boyfriend. Baz cheeks were warm where Simon was touch them. Simons cheeks were cold where Baz was touching them.
"This is an improvement." Simin said smiling warmly.
Baz glanced over at the cake. A big chunk was missing. Simon blushed.
Baz rolled his eyes,
"You couldn't wait, could you?"
"It was calling to me!" Simon protested.
After giving Simon his gifts, He and Baz settled in the couch to watch a movie. They sat next to each other, sometimes Simin would fall asleep with his head on Baz.
Since it was Simons birthday, Simon could pick the movie.
"We are gonna twilight." It was Simons turn to smirk.
"No." Said Baz immediately.
"But it's my birthday." Whined Simon.
"No Twilight, Simon." Baz said smiling. " Not even on your birthday."
Simon smiled.
"You called me Simon."
"You must be hearing things." Baz said rolling his eyes.
"Happy 19th Birthday Snow."

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