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Simon followed Baz like a puppy, through the woods and behind Baz's house.

Baz was different out here. He was all instinct and he didn't speak.

Finally Baz found a doe. Baz felt different hunting in front of Simon. He really didn't want Simon to see him out here. But Simon was adamant about it, and he was adorable, Baz thought.

"Stop staring at me like that." Baz snapped.
"Like what?" Simon protested.
" Like I'm a god, Snow. It unnerves me."
Simon pouted like a child. He was child, or at least he acted like one.

"You, unerved?"  Simon said. He sound fascinated. Baz was not the type to be nervous, or so Simon thought. Simon was learning he didn't know Baz as well as he thought anymore.

"Yes Snow, turn around." It was stretch letting him come here and there was no way he was actually good big to let Snow watched as he sucked the blood out of a living creature.

"Fine." Said Simon, still pouting.

Baz felt infinitely better after draining the doe. Simon could tell it too. Baz's cheeks looked pinker and his grayness was almost gone.
Simon went up and touched Baz's face, it was cold, but it was warming up with Simon's hand on it.

Suddenly Baz's face snapped up, Simon turned to see where he was looking.

There was a giant group of people standing at the Pitches front door. Baz grabbed Simons hand, and ran towards the house.

"What's going on-n?" Simon stammered

"Something's not right." Baz whispered. He sounded serious and worried.

Then he smelled the air. Baz could almost see it. New and fresh, and definitely not from any animal. It was blood. Human blood.

Baz ran faster, adrenaline pumping through his empty veins. Nothing felt normal.

Simon was becoming more upset by the second. Baz could sense something that he couldn't. He had to trust Baz's instinct. Simon wondered if the group of people could have something to do with the Mage, but he dismissed that thought, the Mage was away for the holiday. But Simon couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Finally they reached the back door of the house. Baz's breathing slowed and he motioned for Simon the be quiet. Simon nodded and summoned his sword, just as a precaution.

Baz slowed and quietly stepped through the door.

The sound that came out of Baz's mouth when he opened the door was unlike anything Simon had heard in his life. It was a bloodcurdling shriek and a sob all at once. Simon peeked his head into the door and dropped his sword the minute he saw what Baz was looking at.

The sight was beyond comprehension.

Baz's entire family was laying side by side.

Their eyes were wide open. They were still and no breath was coming from their cold blue lips. Blood was pooling beside each of them.

The Pitch family was dead.

Sorry for that, jk I'm actually not!! Hope u enjoyed it 😝😜

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