Sun and Moon

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After Simon slammed the door he could have sworn he heard a lamp being thrown, he ignored it and kept walking down the stairs, actually he wasn't walking p, he was stomping, like a temper tantrum a five year old would have.
Simon didn't regret a single thing he said. Harsh, but true, he wouldn't take any of it back.
Simon thought it must have been a trap. Baz was a monster. He wasn't planning to spend the holidays with Baz of all people. Baz hated him. So why did Baz invite him? Out of pity perhaps? Simon didn't want Baz's pity. Baz of all people. Baz's pity, the thought made Simon shiver.
Simon hated Baz but, there was a part of him that knew he needed Baz. Somehow he needed him, no matter how they hated each other. They weren't whole without each other. Simon didn know what to compare them too, maybe Simon was the Sun and Baz the moon. So similar, yet so far away. Night and day, you can't have 2 things more different, but you couldn't have one without the other. Simon scowled, it was all so stupid, this whole idea.
After wandering around aimlessly Simon wanted to head back to the room to apologize, even though Simon beloved every word of it was true, he knew he had hurt Baz feelings, if that was even possible.
Simon wondered if Baz actually had feelings. Then Simon thought back to the catacombs, obviously he had feelings, but not the kind Simon, or Agatha, or Penny had. Baz concealed all of his emotions until it was all bottled up and then, he exploded. It was sad really, to have no one to vent to or tell how you feel. Simon shook his head of blonde curls, he didn't feel that bad. It was Baz, not a normal person.
Baz was as far from normal as you could get.

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