(Edited) Its Finally Time

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Hey guys I heavily edited this chapter. The edits are further down though...  

Baz was kind if disgusted with Simon, it was brutal watching him stuff his face at dinner. He would have commented if he wasn't so desperate for Simon to stay with him. All of Baz little cousins were fascinated with Simon and we're hanging all over him. It was annoying. They even put a stocking up for him.
"Simon, we should be heading to bed." Baz suggested.
There was a chorus of whines from the younger kids.
"But Baz!"
Baz simply held his hand up.
"You kids need to go to bed too if you want Saint Nicholas to come tonight."
After that all the kids raced each other up the stairs.
"Thank you." Simon mouthed. Baz nodded.
"They can be a bit much sometimes."
Simon nodded. "Goodnight, Baz, thank you, for everything." Then Simon walked slowly up the stairs to the guest room.
Baz followed Simon up the stairs and then turned right, into his room. He really couldn't believe Simon was staying here, in his house, right across the hall. It would be so easy for him to just.... Baz flopped down onto the bed, it was going to be a long nerve wrecking night of not sleeping.

The guest room scared the hell out of Simon. It was dark and big and scary. He was surprised the walking dead didn't jump out if his closet. Not to mention he was still slightly weary of Baz. So intead of being holed up and afraid inside his room Simon wondered aimlessly around the hallway until he came to a staircase that lead to the roof...

A couple hours after going to his room Baz got bored. He decided to go sit on the roof. He could think up there with the stars. It was calming and peaceful. But somebody beat Baz there, the ladder leading up to the roof had been opened and cold moonlight was streaming into the hallway. Baz knew that none of his sibling could have figured out how to open up the roof hatch. As Baz made his way up the ladder he saw another figure sittin cross legged on the roof, Simon was already sitting up there.
Simon turned around.
"Baz..." Said Simon hanging his head.
"Hmm" Baz responded
Simon patted next to him.
Bad decided not to put up an argument
"Why do think so little of yourself? And don't deny it. I can see it in your eyes,"
"I think very highly of myself thank you very much." Said Baz straightening his spine.
"You know why. Don't pretend your not the one who snuck around the catacombs and saw me talking to my mothers coffin, you looked at me like I was crazy when I came back into the room,"
Simon turned away, he was embarrassed that Baz knew he saw.
"Baz, I just,"
" I don't want to hear it."
"But I feel terrible for you, even though you scare me. A lot"
Simon looked over at Baz . Baz's eyes were grey and tired. Worn out.
"I don't want your pity"
"Nor do I want to give it too you."
Baz looked over at Simon and in that moment something changed in his eyes, Baz didn't quite know what it was but something was different. Something was there that wasn't before, it was hard to describe.
Simon leaned over to Baz, there noses were almost touching. Simon felt Bazes breath, hit in his face. His breath smelled like mint, it always had. Baz didn't know what he expected Simon to do, but what Baz expected is defiantly not what happened. 
Simon didn't know what he was doing, it was all instinct. Simon kissed Baz. Right on the roof, on Christmas Eve under the twinkling yellow stars.

Hey guys! It finally happened 😆
hope you all are happy, I shave been building this scene forever, but it's not over yet....

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