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Simon was scared of Baz's house, it looked like a Victorian masterpiece on the outside, but it looked like a horror movie on the inside, Simon felt like somebody was going to murder him. It was the perfect vampire house. A cruel irony.
Baz lead Simon upstairs. The upstairs was the same as down, dark, creepy, gloomy. The whole house was dark and depressing. No wonder Baz was so cynical.
Baz opened a tall black door.
"This is where you can sleep tonight. My room is right across the hall if you need anything. We're going to have dinner soon so please dress up."
Simon only brought his school uniform and pajamas.
"Um...well..." Simon started. Baz picked up on it immediately and sighed.
"Let me guess, you didn't bring any dress clothes." Simon blushed and shook his head. Baz put his head in his hands.
"I'll get you something, come with me." Baz lead Simon out of the guest room and into Baz's bedroom across the hall. It had the same black door, but inside, it was huge. Baz's closet was about the size of Simons room in the orphanage. Baz bed was like 6 Watford beds put together. And considering Baz didn't sleep a lot, it was kind of alarming. It also had a huge red couch. Baz walked over the closet, which was filled with basically only suits. Baz pulled out a grey one, with a blue tie.
"Wear this, sorry its a little shabby."
Simon stood there in shock, this was one of the nicest suits he had seen his entire life, it looked handcrafted.
Simon stuttered a thank you.
"Go get ready, I have to get too you know." And with that Baz pushed Simon out of the room and closed the door.
Simon slowly walked down the dark narrow highway with the suit in his hands. Simon got dressed in the bathroom because the guest room scared the *shitoki mushrooms out of him. (*you'll notice I decided not to use a cuss word)
Simon combed his hair out and knocked on Baz's door, tie in hand.
Baz looked annoyed when he opened the door,
"What do you want?"
"I can't tie a tie, can you, uh, help?" Simon put his hand on his neck and felt himself get hit, this was embarrassing. Baz sighed and stuck his hand out, motioning for Simon to give him the tie.
Baz looped the tie carefully around Simons neck. His expert hands worked quickly but gently. You could tell he had done this before, a lot. After he wa finished looping and knotting he tightened it and stood back.
After Baz stood back Simon studied his roommate, he was wearing a green suit and a purple tie. He had his semi-long hair slicked back and black shoes, his grey eyes were shining. It was...well...perfect...

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