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Agatha was waiting for Simon as he walked out out of the room with his suit on. She was smiling. Simon smiled back nervously.
"How do I look?" He asked as he spun around.
"Fabulous!" Agatha giggled. "What about me?" She asked,twirling. Her dress was knee length and red. It had sparkles around the top and when she spun they caught the light perfectly and looked like stars. Simon was dumbfounded.
"Perfect." He complimented.
"Are you nervous?" She asked him.
"Who me? I'm the greatest magician in a thousand years. What do I have to be nervous about?" He smirked.
"You liar," Agatha giggled.
Simon bowed and held out his arm.
"Madam," he said.
"Sir." Agatha laughed. She took his arm and they headed down the hall together, smiling all the way.

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