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Baz noticed Simon seemed distant. He wondered if it had been Simon who had seen him in the catacombs.
Simon came into the room. His head was low and he seemed upset.
"Where are you going for the holidays?" Baz asked casually. He wondered if Simon was still going to be with Agatha even though they broke up.

"Probably just going to stay here." Simon said depressed. Baz wanted to say something rude but he felt bad for Simon. No one should spend the holidays alone.
"You could always come with me, if you wanted too." The second it left his mouth Baz regretted it. He felt stupid. Inviting the one person he should stay away from to come with him to his house. Although it might be nice, him with Simon, Baz could have squealed.
Simon whipped his head around.
" what, no!"
Dagger through Baz's heart
"Why would I go to your house!"
Stabbed right through the chest
"You hate me!"
Another stab through his heart
"Your family hates me!" 
Shot through his chest
"Never! no! No way! You're a monster!" Simon yelled storming out of the room and slamming the door.
Baz fell on his knees, he felt like his heart had been ripped out of his chest a thousand different ways. He felt like he'd been stabbed, shot, killed. Of course killed by the one he loved the most.
Baz threw his lamp across the room in anguish. He felt like a monster. He was a monster, there was no way around it.
"Why?" He sobbed. His hair was in his face again. "Why is it always me?"
He put his head in his hands and cried.he cried until there were no tears left in him.
When he finally got himself together he took a good long look in the mirror. He looked terrible. His black hair turned an almost gray shade. His eyes were also grey, same as his skin. He looked washed out, like to pair of pants you wash to many times. Faded.
Washed out.
A monster with no drive to fight the hero.
Villians didn't get love,
Villains get dark castles and friends that turn on them to help the hero, he was truly

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