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Simon sat with Baz on the roof they watched the sun rise, slowly illuminating their new reality. The suns glow was warming up Simons face.
"Let's play a game," Baz said. His mouth turned upward in its permanent sneer, mischief was alight in his eyes.
"Alright, what is it." Said Simon challenging Baz. One thing hasn't changed since the kiss, that was their competing nature, they always wanted to be better than one another.
"The game is called two truths and a lie, we each say two truths and a lie, then we have to figure out which one is the lie."
"Alright" said Simon sitting up to face Baz, "I'll go first. I'm always jealous of you, I'm a little scared of you, and I love the food at Wattford more than the magic,"
"The lie is..." Ba paused "that your scared of me. You have never been scared of me." Baz said sneering. He was pleased with himself.
Simon nodded Baz was right. Simon was no more scared of Baz than he was of puppies.
"Okay, my turn"said Baz "I don't think your a hero, I am allergic to garlic, and I'm madly in love with you."
"Well I know that you totally think I'm your hero, so that's the lie."
Baz looked into Simons eyes.
" your my knight"
"Your magic knight" Simon said smirking,
"Yes" Baz said. Simon and Baz moved closer together, Baz kissed a mole on Simons neck and nuzzled himself into Simon. Baz breathes in Simon. He smelled like cinnamon, and something else He couldn't place but loved.
"My knight" Baz said said, kissing the mole again
"Yes your thumping idiot knight"
"Mhm" Baz said
Simon loved Baz, Simon lives Baz more than he thought he could ever love anyone, what a perfect Christmas morning.

Okay guys so I need your help, I am currently needing a new character for this that story. Please create me a character, comment with their name description and personality, if j like yours your character will be featured in this story! You may do more than one! Thanks!

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