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"YOU CHEATED ON ME!" I yelled as I stormed out of my house, Robin ran after me and pulled my arm back, turning me so I could face him.

"No! Regina no I would never cheat on you!" He cried, I shook my head and felt my tears spring from my eyes as he lied to my face. "YOU TOLD ME THAT YOUR WIFE WAS DEAD! SHE DOESN'T LOOK DEAD!" I screamed, tears now streaming down my face, he had used me, I felt dirty and worthless, like how I felt with Graham, but worst of all I felt like he actually loved me.

"Regina she is-was! I swear! The portal opened after Zelena died and she somehow made her way back here! Regina I swear on my son's life that I would never hurt you like that!" He begged, I pulled away and kept running, the morning sun making me nauseous.


"Marian you have to go!" I said firmly, she stood up and crossed her arms, an appalled look formed on her face. "But I'm your wife?! We took vows!" She exclaimed, I shook my head and stalked up to her. "But then you died! I mourned you and it was horrible, but then I found new love, a love that I was meant to have!" I tried to explain to her, she just shook her head and moved closer. "The love you were suppose to have was with us! She took that away from us! Look at Roland, he grew up without a mother, he needs me Robin!" She demanded, I raked my fingers through my hair in frustration and walked away. "No Marian! I was going to ask Regina to marry me! Roland loves her and I can't just erase her from his life!" I cried, she gave me a look and then growled in frustration. "Yes you can! I am his mother! Did Regina carry him in her for nine months? Did she give birth to him? DID SHE HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE TO HIM FOREVER BEFORE SHE WAS EXECUTED! NO! I AM HIS MOTHER AND I AM YOUR WIFE! NOW YOU GO AND TELL THAT MONSTER THAT YOU HAVE MADE YOUR CHOICE!" She yelled, this was not the Marian I married, something happened and I was not having it.

"No. I will not, you cannot make me and I will not let you near my son. I will make things right again and I will marry Regina." I said storming off to find my soulmate.


I burst into the hospital and walked up to Labor and Delivery where Snow was staying, I needed to take my mind off of things and seeing her and Neal would help.

"Knock knock." I whispered, opening the door slightly I heard Snow yell "come in" so I quietly entered just in case Neal was sleeping.

"How are you?" I said folding my coat on the chair, I was in a blue sweater and leggings, my Sperry's were cold from the sloshy snow outside. "Tired and a bit sore, but I will live." She said gently pushing the incubator back and forth, I stood up and looked in, rubbing his hand gently. "Can I hold him?" I nearly pleaded, Snow raised her eyebrows and nodded, I scooped him into my arms and felt him wiggle in my grip.

Some of the tension started to roll off of me and I looked at the little boy. "Regina what's wrong?" Snow asked, sitting up a little straighter, I sighed and didn't want to lose it while I was holding her baby so I gingerly placed him back into his clear incubator.

"I think Robin was cheating on me." I said looking down, my pathetic tears threatening to show, Snow gasped and leaned forward towards me. "What? That doesn't sound like him!" She exclaimed, that's when it happened, I started crying again. "I know! But I woke up this morning and he wasn't in bed and when I went downstairs he was there with his wife Marian! How could he not be cheating on me!" I cried, Snow looked puzzled and stopped me.

"Hold on, what was his excuse?" She asked, I sighed and thought about how ridiculous it was. "He said she came back from the past through a time portal!" I scowled, crossing my arms. "Regina he wasn't lying. Emma was sucked into that portal with Hook and when they came back she was near and got sucked in! See!" Snow said pulling out Henry's storybook that was on her nightstand, she flipped open to the page where I saw a blonde girl and man who's attire looked vaguely familiar, SHE WAS THE GIRL WHO CALLED ME REGINA AT THE BALL!

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