The Stableboy

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What. No. How is everyone from my past magically re-appearing!

Robin looked at me puzzled and watched as Daniel ran over to me and spun me around. I winced and wobbled on my feet. "Careful mate." Robin said in a warning tone, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Sir, get your hands off of my fiancé." Daniel said stepping towards us, Robin's grip on me got tighter and I winced slightly at his grip. "Babe, please let go." I said, still sore from earlier. "Excuse me I am her fiancé!" He said moving in front of me.

"Enough! Daniel, I have a lot of questions. Robin, I can speak for myself!" I yelled, both of them stared at me in confusion.

"Regina what is going on?" Robin exclaimed, I felt a lump forming in my throat and I tried to keep it together. "Robin. This is Daniel, he was my fiancé when I was younger. My mother, she killed him." I said, my lip quivering as I spoke. "Daniel this is my fiancé Robin." Daniel looked at me with a hurt expression and he stepped forward. "What? You and I-." I stopped him and felt my heart break again.

"You died Daniel! I was eighteen and you died, I'm thirty now, I mourned you, I fell in love!" I cried. Suddenly the door opened and Snow came out with a crying Carolina. "Regina she's hungry and-." She stopped when she saw the outburst in the hallway. "Oh, I'm sorry-." I shook my head and took her into my arms.

"Regina? Who's baby is that?" Daniel said in horror, I held her close and shook my head. "She's mine and Robin's." I said looking up, he had tears running down his face and Robin looked appalled at how I reacted to that question. Daniel ran his hands through his hair and stalked away.

I had no idea why but I couldn't contain my sorrow and I broke down over my daughter. "Regina! What the hell just happened? Are you ashamed of having a child with me? Are you ashamed of our daughter?" Robin demanded, I spun around and stalked over to him.

"HOW DARE YOU! She is my daughter and I love her, I spent all morning giving birth to her which did not feel wonderful might I add! I am not ashamed but I am scared, confused, and very upset right now! All I am asking is that you be patient, I waited while you dealt with your undead wife. Today I have delivered a baby inside my house, survived realm jumping, persuaded my sister to not murder our mother and watched my dead fiancé come back to life. I just need you to please be patient and stop accusing me of these ridiculous things!" I yelled, storming into my chambers, slamming the door behind me.


I was walking outside trying to clear my head from earlier, my mom was in a lot of pain and I think the raw wounds on my hands from her nails had stopped stinging.

"Hello?" I turned and saw a young girl walking towards me, she had dark hair and a purple dress on. "Hi?" I said fumbling with my words, she giggled and gave me a funny look. "I'm Violet, I'm King Arthur's niece, and I somehow made it back over here, and I'm separated from my family." She said with a scared look on her face, I held my hand out and shook hers. "Henry. I live here, if you want you can stay in our castle until we can find your family." I said hopefully, she grinned and nodded, taking my hand.

"What is it Henry, what's bothering you?" She asked looking up at me, I looked up and closed my eyes, remembering the events from the morning. "I had to help my mother give birth." I said keeping my eyes closed, she chuckled and looked at me with a funny expression. "Oh, yes, that would probably traumatize me as well. Well, I hope everything went okay?" She asked gently, I exhaled and got to the empty room. "I'm not sure, I'm sort of scared to ask." I said pursing my lips, she opened the door and walked in. "Go talk to your mom, and thank you." She said giving me a smile before she shut the door.

I walked up to my mother's chambers and I heard weeping on the inside which made my stomach tighten with fear. I gently opened the door and saw my mother in a chair by the fireplace sobbing with her face covered by her hands. The baby was sleeping in the crib so I was able to breathe in relief.

I quietly walked towards her, careful not to spook her. "Robin I said I don't want to talk to you!" She yelled, her voice cracking, I walked closer and knelt down next to her. "Mom. It's me. It's Henry." I said lifting her head up, she sniffled and took my face into her hands.

"Henry, sweetie I'm sorry, I thought you were Robin." She said hugging me tightly, I rubbed her back and held onto her for a little while longer. "Mom, is it the baby? Did we do something wrong? Mom are you okay?" I asked, my panic now increasing, I jumped up and ran over to the crib, the baby was sleeping peacefully and I breathed in relief. "Henry, no, it's not that, you didn't do anything, it's just... Someone from my past has come back and things are complicated at the moment." She said rubbing my hand. "Daniel? The stableboy?" I asked, her expression tightened and she wiped a tear and nodded. "How do you know about him?" She asked sniffling, I crossed my legs and looked down. "Well I always wondered why my middle name was Daniel, so I asked my grandma. I'm sorry mom, that sounds horrible." I said lowering the volume of my voice, she just nodded and put her brave face on for me. "Thank you Henry, for everything." She said kissing my head, I hugged her and then left, it was time to eliminate one of these boys from the equation.


I felt horrible, of course Regina wasn't ashamed, I was such an ass! I sat down at the edge of the lake and tossed a pebble into it, I heard footsteps behind me and I turned and saw Daniel walking towards me with the same defeated look.

"We messed up." He said skipping a stone across the water, I sighed and did the same. "You loved her?" I said looking down, he sat beside me and held the smooth stone in his hand. "Yes. The night I died we were running away to get married and her mother killed me. I worked for that abusive woman, she was awful to me, but I needed work, and Regina was always there to show me kindness, she was so sweet, so pure." He said looking down, we had loved two very different women. He was going to marry the young Regina who was naive and young, her spirit clean. The woman I loved had compassion and love that erupted from her pain, that she had learned to manage so well. "Do you?" He asked, I laughed and tossed the pebble into the water and watched it sink.

"With all my heart. I love her, and today I watched her give birth to our daughter, and I almost lost both of them in the process. But I love her, she is my soulmate." I said mindlessly, Daniel sighed and stood up.

"Good." He said walking off, I didn't know what that meant but I knew I had to go and apologize.


I would never admit it but I was exhausted. I desperately wanted some painkillers and to sleep forever, but I knew that wouldn't happen.

There was a knock at the door and I didn't have the energy to send whoever was there away. The door opened and Robin came in with a pensive look on his face, and a bouquet of flowers in his hands. I looked away and pulled my feet underneath myself.

"Regina I know you are angry and you don't want to talk to me so I will talk to you. I'm sorry that I said you were embarrassed of Carolina and us, I know that you're not, just by the way you look at our children makes new fresh supplies of love pump through me. I'm sorry I forced you into deciding between the two of us so soon, you were right, you never acted like this when Marian came back. So I'm sorry, and I love you Regina." He said placing the flowers down next to me and getting up.

"Robin wait." I said scooting forward, he stopped and turned around, rushing towards me. "Babe I'm sorry I flipped out, I love you, of course I choose you, Daniel was my love, he was my everything, but you are my soulmate, the father of my children, you understand me. But I do love Daniel, but I'm not in love with him." I said taking his hands, he smiled and kissed me gently, brushing my long hair back.

I went to get up but my knees wobbled under me, my body sore from earlier. Robin grabbed me and scooped me into his arms, pressing his lips onto my forehead. "You need to sleep milady, you have been far too mobile today." He said slipping me under the covers. "If Carolina wakes up just leave her, I will get her, you just sleep, okay?" He said sternly, I started to protest but Robin just laid me back down and covered me up, making me fall asleep almost instantly.

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