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I woke up in my large bed in my castle, Robin shot up next to me and carefully helped me sit up.

"We're back." I said looking around, everything was the same from the last time Snow cast the curse, I frantically looked around for Carolina and relaxed when I saw an elaborate crib that sat in our chambers. It was... mine.

My heart started racing and I tried to get out of bed but Robin pulled me back. "No, you're still recovering! You had Carolina hours ago!" He said getting up and walking over to the crib.

"Where's Henry and Roland!" I asked gently rocking my infant, Robin stood up and ran out of the room to look for them, so I was left with Carolina.

She started to cry and smack her lips, signaling that she was hungry. I stared at her in confusion and placed her between my knees, my hair was back to its long length and I was in my furry blue coat that I was wearing when Snow cast the last curse.

I flung the furry part onto the floor and undid the corset. I picked up Carolina who was growing increasingly more upset with each moment that I did not feed her. I awkwardly placed her against me and felt her latch on, which made me jolt in discomfort.

"Woah! Uh okay... Okay. Good, you're eating, I can feed you." I said laughing lightly, sitting back on the pillows behind me.

Carolina finished and I made myself presentable again, gently placing her on my shoulder and burping her.

"I found them, Henry said he needed some time to cool off for a while, I think you traumatized him." Robin said chuckling, I sighed and laid back, gently burping Carolina.

"We have to find out why the hell we are all here." Robin said, I nodded and pulled Carolina into my arms once she burped.

I heard a quiet knock at the door and I told them to come in. "Regina?" I looked up and saw my father walk into the room, a huge smile on his face.

"Daddy." I said sitting up, he walked over to the side of my bed and kissed my forehead, placing a box wrapped in fancy paper at the foot of my large bed. "Daddy..." I said sighing, he chuckled at me and smiled. "None of that, you deserve it, now congratulations, may I hold my granddaughter?" He asked holding his arms out, I nodded and carefully placed my sleeping daughter into his arms.

"She's perfect Regina, I am so happy for you two. Now open your gift." He said handing me the box, I pulled off the ribbon and handed it to Robin, I gently removed the lid of the box and gasped. "Daddy?" I said looking up with tears in my eyes. His face turned red and he chuckled. It was a small soft white dress with lace and pearls, it was mine that I had worn when I was born, when I was younger I would stare at that dress and vow that one day it would be my daughter's. After I made myself barren I would cry over it, eventually it was too painful to look at so I hid it.

"I found it in your chambers and took it, I knew that the potion you put on yourself wouldn't last." He said winking. I reached out and gently hugged him, careful not to wake my daughter.

Our sweet moment was cut short when we felt the same rumbling, I took Carolina from my father and held her close to me, Robin wrapped his arms around us and waited for the shaking to subside, suddenly it stopped and there was purple smoke. Carolina started to wail but I was too preoccupied with who was here.

"Regina." My stomach twisted into knots when I saw who was standing in front of me.
"Mother!" I said bringing my daughter closer to me, she moved closer and I held my arm out. "Don't come any closer." I growled, she smirked and moved closer, Robin started to grab his weapon and she held him in a choke hold. "Mother!" I screamed, I went to get up but my father held me back and held his hand up.

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