Baby Shower

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Four months later

"Snow I know you want the ducks to be blue but we don't know what Zelena is having!" I said snapping my fingers, making the interior of my house a white color, little yellow ducks accenting the decor. We had put together a beautiful shower at the last minute, scrambling to make every detail meaningful.

"Okay, I am going to go get Zelena, the cake should be here in about five minutes, and please make sure Carolina DOES NOT have ANY candy." I said raising my eyebrow at both her and Snow who had been secretly been feeding her jelly beans while I wasn't looking. They both nodded and continued playing.

I pulled into Belle and Zelena's apartment and let myself in, Belle was out picking up the gift that I had ordered for Zelena.

The apartment was silent and I raised my eyebrow. Zelena was sitting on the couch with her eyes shut and her face scrunched, her hands gripping the arm rests of the chair.

"Zelena?" I said walking closer to her, her eyes flew open and she exhaled in relief. "Oh my god Regina! Thank god." She cried, biting her lip and rolling her neck back. I then realized what was going on.

"Zelena how long have you been in labor!" I cried, she whimpered and exhaled again. "Two hours! I started getting contractions and Will has been out building the nursery in our house with Robin and neither of them have been answering their phones! I need your help!" She cried, trying her best not to cry. "Of course, Zelena take a deep breath, I'm going to take you to the hospital." I said pulling her out of the sofa.

"Ah! Oh ouch! Oh oh!" She whined, I took her hand and rubbed it softly. "It's going to be okay, just breathe." I said slowly leading her downstairs to the car, grabbing her pillow on the way out.

"REGINA PLEASE HURRY!" Zelena demanded, yanking on the handle above her head, I started speeding up when I heard a strange noise and saw Zelena's eyes widen. "My water broke." She groaned in fright, I started driving faster and started praying that she could hang on because unfortunately I was the Mills sister that did not have a PhD in delivering babies on the spot.

"Oh my god! It's coming!" She yelled, unbuckling her seatbelt. "Zelena no! We are getting you to the hospital, hang on!" I said stepping on the gas, she screamed and grabbed onto my bicep to support herself, my heart nearly stopped when I saw that there was construction on the freeway.

"REGINA!" I sighed and pulled off the road and ran around to my sister's side. "Honey don't push! Wait!" I begged, dragging her out of the car, wrapping my arms around her waist, I closed my eyes and prayed that my magic didn't fail me.

The purple smoke faded and we were in front of the hospital. "REGINA IT'S COMING!" Zelena wailed, clutching me. "Okay, you're going to be fine, breathe for me! I NEED A WHEELCHAIR!" I yelled, a nurse ran out and I sat my sister down, pulling my phone out as they rushed her inside. I dialed Robin's number frantically.

"ROBIN GET WILL TO THE HOSPITAL HIS BABY IS ON THE WAY RIGHT NOW!" I exclaimed frantically, rushing behind the nurses who were pushing Zelena into a room.

I quickly helped her into a gown and felt her arms tighten around me as we walked back to the bed in the room. "REGINA I NEED TO PUSH!" She cried, hunching over me, I half dragged her over to the bed where I pressed the nurses button frantically. "AHHH!" She cried wrapping her arm under her stomach, I grabbed her hands and prayed that Will would burst through the doors, or at least the doctors, I knew how awful it felt to nearly have your baby coming out of you and having to wait for everyone else to get ready. 

Suddenly the delivery team rushed in and started setting up, lifting Zelena onto the bed and placing her legs into the stirrups. "Oh my Zelena I'm surprised you didn't push this baby out ages ago!" The doctor said tying the mask around her face, they scooted the gown up and strapped some gloves on. "Okay sweetie go ahead and push!" She said getting ready, Zelena reached her hand out and I took it, letting her squeeze it as she sat up and pushed, tiny screams coming from her mouth.

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