I'm Fine

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Two years later

"Happy birthday Neal." I said quietly, waking the boy up gently. He rolled over and gave me a large smile. "I'm five!" He squealed, I smiled and nodded, thinking back on this day, the funeral, watching him come into the world.

"Indeed you are sweetie." I said picking him up and sitting him on my lap. "You're getting so big! I can hardly believe it." I said kissing his nose, he giggled and leapt into my lap. "We have to get you ready for your party!" I said lifting him into my arms, he clung to my neck and bounced excitedly. Carolina toddled into the room and clung to Neal, placing her head on his arm. "Happy birthday!" She exclaimed giving him a cheeky grin, Henry walked in behind her with her favorite blanket in tow.

"Happy birthday buddy." He said scooping him up and tickling him, Neal squealed and begged for him to stop, making Henry carefully place him down. I saw a pained look on his face so I told him to go and see if Roland was finished making breakfast.

"Honey what is it?" I asked sitting down next to him, he sighed and wrung his hands in his lap, he was so mature now, my baby boy was now seventeen, almost eighteen in a month.

"I just remember this day so vividly, we were at my grandpa's funeral, then Neal came and it seemed like everything was going to be fine, that we had a chance at a normal life. I don't know, it's dumb, I just miss them, look how different our lives are now." He remarked sadly, I nodded and pulled him close, placing a kiss on his temple. "It's not dumb Henry, we all thought that, and we all miss her, but you have been a wonderful brother to Neal and I want to thank you. I love you Henry." I said smiling at him, he nodded and stood up, going downstairs towards the noise.

I opened the door and saw Emma standing on the porch with a gift bag smiling. "Happy birthday buddy! I got something for you!" Emma said lifting her brother into her arms, he giggled and hugged her, placing a sloppy kiss on her cheek.

He sat down at the table next to his birthday breakfast and started pulling the wrapping paper out of the bag excitedly, he smiled when he pulled out a golden bow that looked worn and used, the quiver full of arrows with dulled tips. "Look mama it's a bow!" He exclaimed, holding it out to me, I froze and my eyes grew in shock, the whole room grew silent and the tension rose as well. "That's wonderful sweetheart." I managed to say smiling, Emma had tears in her eyes and she quickly gathered some of the tissue paper and vanished into the kitchen.

"Is it okay if I take him for a while? I promise to bring him to the party on time." Emma said quietly, I nodded and handed her his coat silently, she nodded and bit her lip before exiting the house with him.

"Robin." I said gravely, my cheeks wetting with tears, he nodded and mirrored my look, pulling me close to him. "We have to explain it to him, and I didn't want to do this so early but he can't forget about his parents." I said, he kissed the top of my head and wiped my eyes. "Of course. It's what they would have wanted." He replied gently, I nodded and took his hands. "It's what they would have wanted."


Everyone was knee-deep in delicious food and birthday cake and dwarves were quickly slipping into food comas. The whole town wanted to celebrate the birth of the triumphant prince who had overcome so many things at such a young age. Neal was sitting at the table with mountains of gifts surrounding him, he carefully opened each one, gasping and smiling at each one, something that was now individually his, not a hand-me-down from his nephews. Like most kids his age he was less amused with the sweaters and trousers that people had purchased for him, or the math booklet that Granny had given him. Carolina was curious and was trying to climb over her brother to see what was going on, she eventually gave up and tugged on Henry's pant leg, picking her up and showing her all of the opened gifts on the table.

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