Cross My Heart

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I watched my mother crumple to the floor gasping for air while my sister broke as well. "Come here." I said wrapping my arms around her, her breathing hiccuped and she sobbed into my shoulder, Robin dragged my mother out, my father helping him.

I walked her over to my bed where I sat down with her. "Zelena, what was going on?" I asked, she looked down and started crying even harder, she refused to look me in the eyes so I tilted her chin up so she was looking at me. "Robin and I got in a fight when you were in the hospital and I realized that this was all my fault, if I hadn't lied to you in the first place then you wouldn't have stressed and you would have had an easier labor and delivery! But you didn't and I couldn't even help you two! So I was trying to run... Uh away... But I ran into her and I couldn't control myself, I had to kill her. I can't explain it. I needed her out of this world." She sobbed, her breaths becoming more rapid, I nodded and hugged her tightly, understanding how helpless she felt. "Hey. Zelena, what happened to Carolina and I was not your fault, you did everything you could to help us, the bad choices you made in the past was exactly that, the past. I don't ever want you to run away from us because we are your family, and believe me, mother can anger you, change you. I know, I did the exact same thing, but at least you had the decency to do it yourself, I sent the Captain Tight Ass to kill her, and they just manipulated me more, but I wanted her gone, she hurt you and she hurt you too. But if we kill her, we would be stooping down to her level and that's exactly what got me on my path of darkness. I chose vengeance over love and I lost everything because of that. We will find a way to stop her, but we cannot harm her again, okay?" I said giving her a stern look. She sobbed and nodded, falling into my arms.

"We still need to punish her." She said wiping her nose, I nodded and brushed her hair behind her ear. "I have an idea, our mother is only powerful because of her magic, well I think we should rid her of it." I said smiling softly, she sat for a moment and then stood up.

"Then that is exactly what i am going to do." She said walking out of the room, I tried to  stop her but Robin had snuck back in and sat me down. "That's enough walking for you your majesty, I will go talk with your sister, you need to rest, you look exhausted and should change into some more comfortable clothes." He said brushing my cheek with his thumb. "Will you help me change?" I asked, he nodded and scooped me up into his arms and carried me to my closet.

He carefully untied the corset that fit around my waist tightly, replacing the tight dress with one of my loose nightgowns, unpinning my hair so it fell loosely against my shoulders. "Better?" He asked, lifting me back into his muscular arms, I nodded and laid my head on his chest. "Make sure she doesn't do anything... bad, okay?" He nodded and laid me under the duvet and kissed me softly. "I promise."

I woke up to my daughter crying inside of her crib, I groaned and slowly rose from the bed and walked to the crib. "Okay, shh sweetie mama is here, oh you're hungry." I said carefully lifting her into my arms, she snuggled her face against my stomach and she stopped crying. "You like when mama holds you? Huh?" I cooed, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

I started walking towards the large plush rocking chair when I heard whimpering down the hall. I tightened my grip on Carolina and slowly made my way down the hall, still incredibly sore from earlier.

The door was cracked open and I saw Snow sitting on the floor of her chambers with Emma's baby blanket and David's shirts. She looked a mess, tears flooding her face as she stared at the objects. Neal was standing and screaming in his crib calling for Snow but she couldn't even soothe herself. "Hey sweetie, shh, mama is just a little sad okay?" I said kissing his tear-stained cheek, he whimpered and grabbed my face, scared at the fact that his mother was crying. I placed Carolina on the bed and surrounded her with pillows so she wouldn't fall then I picked up Neal and set him on my lap.

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