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I woke up and the sunlight was streaming through the window, Carolina was awake in the crib, squirming from the sun. I got up and grabbed her, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. I walked over to the nightstand and saw a note with scribbled writing, Daniel's writing.

My dearest Regina,
I know that once we were in love. Once we were two young kids ready to leave and start our lives together. But I died, and you did exactly that. I don't know what happened while I was gone, but you obviously love this Robin Hood, and from what he told me, he loves you even more. Your daughter is beautiful, which does not surprise me, she is your daughter. I love you Regina, I always have, and I always will. I know you love me, and I want you to know that I am stuck, you may have grown up, and fallen in love, but I am still the young boy who was desperately in love with you, and I will miss stealing kissing from you between lunchtime and tea. Don't worry about your choice or me, because you deserve Robin, you deserve him and his love.

I love you Regina.

~Your Stableboy

I held the letter against my chest and sobbed, I chose Robin, but I did love Daniel, and I didn't want to lose him again. I was feeling stronger so I used my magic to poof myself to where he was.

I was in the forest by a river, it was silent, Carolina fussed slightly then calmed down as I rocked her carefully. I then heard some struggling and someone gasping down the way, I shrieked when I saw Daniel lying in the pond with blood surrounding him.

"Daniel! Oh my god, no..." I cried, rushing over to him, I heard a rustling in the leaves and saw Robin dash through the bushes. "Regina!" He cried, I pointed to Daniel's limp body in the water, he rushed over and pulled him out. I carefully handed Carolina over to him and rushed to Daniel, lifting his head into my lap. He groaned in pain and opened his eyes, his wrists were slit and his skin was grey as the blood drained out of him.

"Regina? I told you not to worry about me." He croaked, I felt my tears wet his face as he gave me a gentle smile. "I know you Daniel, I knew you were up to something. I may have grown up but I haven't forgotten about you sweetie." I said brushing his face. He coughed and blood splattered on my nightgown, his lips staining with the ruby liquid. I held back a sob and cradled his head. "Why did you do this?" I asked quietly, he pursed his lips and lifted his injured hand to my face, staining it with blood.

"Because, Regina you are my life, and when I don't have you, my life is meaningless. You deserve him, maybe I will see you again, maybe I will get to love you longer, but we just weren't meant to be, maybe it's all about timing." He said wheezing, this time I did sob, linking my hand in his. "I love you Daniel, and I always will." I said mindlessly, he smiled and reached up, brushing his freezing fingers against my cheek which were wet from my tears. "I love you too. Now I can go." He said, his voice slowly fading away until it stopped, his eyes staring at me with a loving look.

I looked up at Robin who knelt down beside me, placing our daughter in his elbow, encasing both of us in his arms. "I lost him again!" I cried, he just nodded and carefully rocked me, cupping the back of my head, silently pressing a kiss on the top of my head. "I am so sorry my love." He whispered, closing Daniel's eyes and laying him on the ground, I buried my face into his jacket and wanted to hide myself from the world, unable to face it, the grief unbearable, the same pain I felt when I lost him the first time.


Three weeks later

We were back, Emma did it, she was the dark one again, whatever Merlin did made her almost completely evil.

"Henry are you ready? It's time for Daniel's service." Belle said peeking into the room, I was staying with her and my aunt while my mom dealt with Daniel and Carolina. I fixed my tie and walked downstairs, they were in black and had big platters of food.

"Remember Henry, be gentle with your mother, she's very upset right now, try and keep your brother reigned in for her, and your sister too." Aunt Zelena said, walking me out of the house to the car.

We arrived at the cemetery and my mom and Robin were sitting inside of their car, waiting for the actual ceremony to start, I was so glad that this didn't turn ugly, she needed him right now and he was handling this very well.

I walked over to the car and knocked on Robin's window. "Hey Henry, how are you?" He asked in a tired voice, between my mom and the baby, he probably had gotten no sleep. "Why don't I take Carolina for the day, give you two a break." I said walking around, he nodded and shook my hand. "Thank you, I need to be here for your mother, I don't want her getting overwhelmed." He whispered, I nodded and grabbed the car seat and diaper bag, walking down to the grave silently.

The air was wet and dreary, the temperature freezing. Carolina was bundled tightly and covered in blankets inside of her car seat, almost making me jealous. "Hi Henry." My grandma said sitting beside me, I smiled and placed the car seat on the chair next to me. "Hi, how's mom?" I asked, she had been helping Robin with the baby and food while my mom was still adjusting. "She's... better. I don't know, she lost him for a second time, and she's confused. I don't think she wants you to see her like this, vulnerable." She said tilting her head, referring to my mother's request that I stay with my aunt.

Almost exactly at that moment I saw her and Robin walking down the grassy slope towards us. I stood up to hug her, but Carolina started crying, the cold probably making her upset. I gave my mom a sympathetic smile and then turned my attention to my sister, carefully lifting her out of the seat. She was bundled in a white blanket with yellow trim and her name stitched into the corner. I carefully bounced her and held her close to me, trying to exert some of my body heat over to her.

"Robin I am fine, just let me grab her." I heard my mom mutter, Robin turned around and I shook my head, she needed to focus on the funeral. They slowly lowered the casket into the ground and everyone stood up and shoveled a bit of dirt into the grave. After I finished I saw my mom slowly stand with Robin's help, and toss a shovel full into the hole. Her face was blotchy from crying and she looked exhausted.

"We are now going to have Regina Mills say a few words." Blue said somberly, my mom stood and shook her head at Robin who offered to go up with her.

"Hello, I'm Regina. I just wanted you all to know a few things about Daniel. He was my first love, he was the man who made me whole, and when I lost him, the pain turned me evil. I can't express what I feel for him now, after I watched them lower him into the ground for the second time. I loved-." She stopped and looked at her notes, tears threatening to form and spill if she spoke again. I knew what she was doing, she was trying to hide her emotions, something she use to do extremely well, but was currently failing at.

I stood up and walked over to her, carefully removing the paper from her hands and folding it up. "My mother wants you all to know that Daniel was very special to her, and she loved him very much." I said making something up on the spot. With my free hand I took hers and took my seat next to her while some other people spoke.

"Mom, it's okay, I love you." I said smiling slightly, she let a tear fall out and she closed her eyes, hugging me tightly. She missed me, I could tell.

Snow White

We got to Granny's and I saw Regina sitting alone in a booth, Robin was off in the bathroom and Henry was feeding the baby. I hoisted Neal onto my hip and I sat beside her.

"Hey, how are you holding up?" I asked, she looked up and stirred her coffee, letting a tear roll down her face. "Oh Regina." I said hugging her tightly, she rested her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. "It will get better, we are all here for you." I said wiping the tear away. Suddenly Neal jumped up and crawled over to Regina, grabbing her face with his chubby hands. "Nina! No sad!" He mumbled, she smiled slightly and lifted him into her arms, kissing the top of his head. "I won't. I'm sorry." She said sniffling, he smiled and rested his head on her chest. "Thank you Snow, really. I mean it." She said finally looking somewhat like herself again.

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