C.A. Locksley

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Right as I walked into the loft I watched Henry rush out with a furious look on his face, I sighed because he probably had spoken to Regina.

I walked inside and went upstairs to find Regina sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at her hands that were wet from her tears.

"Hey, how was your night my love?" I said sitting beside her, running my fingers through her hair, she shook her head and closed her eyes, she winced and I saw she had bitten her lip raw. "He's so angry at me, I should have told him when I found out, now he won't even let me explain because he was right, I didn't have an excuse because I was too damn scared to talk to my own son!" She cried, dropping her face into her hands, I carefully wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me. "Hey, it's going to be okay, it's Henry, he loves you more than anything! You just need to talk to him when he's cooled down, he's a lot like you, very passionate about his feelings, I have no doubt that he is going to love his little brother, Snow told me that he is going to stay with Hook for a while, he wants to help find Emma then once he cools down we can both go and talk to him, but we don't want to push him, it will only push him away." I said tilting her chin up at me, she sniffled and nodded, resting her head on my chest as I held her. "How is our little one?" I asked trying to change the subject, she looked at me and rubbed the side of her stomach where the baby drop kicked her. "Very active." She groaned, I carefully lifted her shirt and laid my head on her bump, I felt our baby move under Regina's skin and kick where my face laid, Regina winced slightly and held the side of her stomach. "Hey, don't hurt your mother, she is working very hard to keep you healthy." I scolded, then suddenly I felt the baby calm down, I looked up and Regina smiled at me. "He likes the sound of your voice." She said with a large smile on her face. "Well then I guess I will just have to talk to him more." I said sitting up, pulling her shirt back over her stomach. "Let's go home." I said smiling, she nodded and I helped her up, lifting into my arms, she rested her head on my chest and I felt her humming against my chest, falling asleep.

"We are going to go, thank you two." I said to Snow and Zelena, they nodded and opened the door for me as I made my way to Regina's Mercedes.

3 months later

"Robin!" I had woken up early and tried to let Regina get some rest, but the tone in her voice made me jump up and nearly fly upstairs.

"Yes darling?" I said trying to catch my breath, she was hunched around her body pillow whimpering and wincing. "Papa what's wrong with Gina?" Roland asked toddling into the room, I tried to pull him away but he wiggled out of my grasp and walked over to Regina. She had been exhausted these past few months, looking for Emma had taken its toll on her.

"Robin my back hurts so bad." She said into her pillow. I nodded and sat behind her, Roland came over and sat in my lap. I started rubbing out the hard knots, she groaned in delight and I felt her body loosen, Roland looked at me confused and tapped my arm. "I want to make Gina feel better!" He whined, I heard Regina chuckle so I took his small hands and placed them on the top of her back, while I continued getting the large knots out.

"Thank you." She said struggling to sit up, I helped her and Roland crawled over to her and pulled her shirt up and rested his curly head on her large stomach. "Gina do you have to go to the party?" Roland whined, she smiled and ran her fingers through his hair and chuckled. "Yeah buddy, Ms. Snow insisted that she throw me one so I have to go." She said groaning at the thought of her baby shower that she had protested against for weeks, but Snow insisted that she had a proper one.

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