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I now wish I had taken care of myself because this bed was awful, and I could barely sleep with all of these machines. I heard a gentle knock on the door and I opened my eyes, Robin was standing at the foot of my bed with a stuffed monkey and a bunch of balloons that said get well. I smiled and rolled my head over so I could stare at him longer.

"Regina, I don't know how many times I can say it, but now I fully see the consequences of what I did, I am truly sorry, I am sorry that the minute I left Storybrooke I had sex with your sister, I am sorry that I wasn't more supportive when you told me that you were pregnant. I am sorry that I have been causing you to cry more than smile, and I am sorry that I took our engagement so lightly. Henry was right, I have been causing you pain and that hurts me, if you can truly find it in your heart, I beg that you forgive me please because I can't lose you. I love you." He cried, sitting next to me with the large balloons and monkey.

"Hey, I am sorry that I never talked to you about the baby, I didn't even ask if this was something you wanted, and I think I have been milking the pity card a little longer than I should have. But honestly, it's been exhausting staying angry at you, I love you and you know you messed up, how can I expect others to forgive me if I can't even forgive you? I love you and I am sorry." I said kissing him gently, he took me in his arms and brushed my long hair back, running his hands down my arms and placed them on the circular monitor on my stomach.

"We will get through this, our baby will push through, she's resilient, just like her mother." He said brushing his nose over mine, I smiled and placed my hand over his.

"What are these?" I giggled, pulling the balloons out from around him, he smiled bashfully and placed them on the side table and then handed me the monkey. "You gave Roland one, we both figured that you needed one as well." He chuckled, handing it to me, it was blue and had a ribbon tied around it's neck with a tag on it with large writing.

Feel better Gina, I can't wait for you to come home! I love you. Roland.

I smiled and tucked it under my arm, the tag tangling in with all of the tubes connected to my hands.

I started to feel sleepy and Robin dimmed the lights above my bed so I could rest, kissing my temple right before I fell asleep.

"Sorry to wake you Ms. Mills, we just have to check on you and see how you are doing and refill your IV bags." A young nurse stuttered, I nodded and moved my pillow over, checking to see what time it was on my phone. It was eight in the morning and Robin was sound asleep next to my bed, his jacket propped up against the wall and his head.

"I'm feeling a lot better, how is my baby?" I asked, lifting my gown and placing my hand on the monitor, the nurse nearly fell over in fright but she still walked over to me. "Let's see." She trembled, turning the machine on and switching the small button on the monitor that was tied to my stomach.

"Wow! She's doing a lot better! You needed some sleep and medicine and she's back on track! I will get the doctor and see how soon you can get discharged." She said smiling, I felt tears of relief fill my eyes as she left the room.

"Regina, darling what's wrong?" Robin asked, rushing to my side, I chuckled and shook my head. "Nothing, she's fine, she pulled through! She did it!" I exclaimed, placing my hands on my stomach, he did the same and kissed me, the worry thawing off of us.

We got home and Robin helped me up out of the car and into the living room. "Darling I'm going to make you some soup." He said setting me down gently, I smiled and pulled my sweater around myself just in case Henry was home.

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