The Love of Friendship

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Things had been fairly peaceful, Emma was back, Zelena and Will were engaged, and Snow was raising Neal without a hitch, and there was no magical threat to us at all!

I got up and started cleaning, Carolina weaving her way between my legs as I vacuumed. "Sweetie do you want lunch?" I asked switching the machine off, she nodded and lifted her arms up to me, I picked her up and tossed her in the air, safely catching her in my arms. "Okay let's get some food." I said sitting her down in her high chair, pouring some Cheerios onto the tray, pulling out some of the leftover spaghetti and putting some noodles on her tray.

"Mom can Roland and I go to the pier with Killian and Emma?" Henry asked, I nodded and kissed them both, handing them both a juice box before they left.

I continued washing the dishes when my phone rang. "Regina, I'm not feeling well and I don't want to get Danielle sick, so can I drop her off while I go and pick up my medicine?" Zelena asked sniffling. "Yeah. Bring her over!" I said balancing the phone between my shoulder and my ear. She thanked me and hung up.

"Hello my little princess! And hello my queen." Robin said kissing Carolina's cheek, then pulling me into his arms and kissing my lips. "I am off to Boston, I will be back in a couple days." He said pouting and kissing my lips. "Aw babe I am going to miss you." I said pouting back at him, he sighed and hugged me tightly, lifting Carolina into his arms.

"Be good for mama okay? I'm going to miss you so much!" He said kissing her before handing her over to me. "Say bye bye to daddy!" I said waving at Robin as he pulled out of the driveway. "Let's go inside okay?" I said walking back inside, I sat down and laid Carolina on my chest, feeling her breathing shallow as she drifted off to sleep.

I swiped through my Facebook and saw the professional pictures that Zelena and Will had taken. Just as I started looking through them I saw my sister standing on my doorstep with the car seat and diaper bag, her hair tousled and face pale.

"Thank you Regina! I don't want her catching a cold and Will's paternity leave was only two days so I have no one to watch her!" She said sniffling, setting the car seat down carefully. "No problem, I love watching her. How are you feeling?" I asked, sitting her down next to me, she sighed and crossed her legs, sinking into her sweatshirt. "I'm a tad sore but she's keeping me on my toes." She said pointing to Danielle who was sleeping soundly in the car seat. "Well take it easy, I don't think I can ever unsee your body stretching to that extreme, so you should lay down or something, I have it handled." I said patting her knee, she chuckled and stood up. "Well your body did the exact same thing, and I had to reach up in you, so there, I win. Anyways, I am just driving into Boston for the day to get my prescriptions then I should be back by four." She said rubbing her daughter's foot, giving me a quick hug before walking out of the door.

I dimmed the lights in Carolina's nursery and carefully walked out, careful not to wake her from her nap. Danielle was crying in her car seat and flailing her arms in frustration.

"Shh, it's okay honey, Nina is here, oh come here." I said lifting her out of the seat, carefully swaying her until she stopped crying. I suddenly felt the ground rumble and heard a large crashing noise erupt from the docks.

"BAD NEWS! SOMETHING BAD IS IN STORYBROOKE!" Belle yelled, slamming on my door, I swung it open and placed Danielle in her seat. "Belle, what?! Who is here?" I demanded, she was breathing heavily and hunched over, placing her hands on her knees to catch her breath. "It's your mother." She said, I rolled my eyes and growled in annoyance. "Zelena took her magic away! How is she here!" I demanded, Belle gave me an uneasy look and walked inside. "I know, and she's pissed at you two for doing that, but when Snow was able to save Emma from the darkness, it searched for the person capable of the most darkness. Well that's your mother. She's coming to kill you and your kids and Zelena and Danielle." She said with fear in her tone.

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