My Son

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I waited. It had been hours since I arrived at the hospital, Robin was here, Snow was here, and so was Zelena.

"This is all my fault. I'm a terrible mother, I let this happen! My son is dying because of me!" I cried, suddenly the doors flew open and Emma stalked in. She had a tight black peplum dress on with sheer black tights and stiletto heels, her hair was frosty white and was half up with volume and curls springing from her head.

"You did this! You killed my son!" She growled, using her magic to choke me and fling me into the wall, I smacked my head on the corner and stood up, ready to defend myself. "You couldn't even pay him any attention to realize that he was going to kill himself!" She screamed in my face, I clenched my jaw and flung her back, unpinning myself from the wall.

"I HAVE BEEN BUSY SEARCHING FOR YOU! THATS WHY! NOW GO! YOU HAVEN'T BEEN AROUND FOR A YEAR!" I screamed back, she looked hurt and she defused her powers and stalked off into the hospital.

"She's right." I muttered, my anger defusing, the guilt replacing it just as quickly. "I did this!" I heard Robin come up behind me and wrap me in his arms.

"Regina no! You did not hurt Henry!" He insisted, just as I was about to protest the doctor came out.

"Family of Henry Mills?" She said wringing her hands, I ran up to her and waited for her diagnosis.

"Why don't you all come with me?" She said pursing her lips, my stomach twisted while I followed her.

The four of us sat down and waited for her to tell us. "What is wrong with my son?" I demanded, the doctor sighed and folded her hands.

"Henry cut his major arteries, by the time anyone got to him he had lost too much blood, and repairing his arteries was very hard, and he is now in a coma, with the amount of blood loss and damage to his arteries, it would be a miracle if he made it through the night." She said folding her hands, I closed my eyes and prayed that this was just a nightmare.

"What about a blood transfusion!" I spat, she shook her head and gave me a somber look. "We have done that, it hasn't been working, we have to wait for his body to naturally produce blood. But I need you all to prepare yourselves for the worst, things aren't looking great, we have nurses with him on the clock, just so he's not alone." She said folding her hands. I knew I was about to start sobbing so I abruptly stood up and left the room.

Snow White

I was going to loose my grandson too, I looked up and saw Regina rush out of the room with a hard look on her face. Robin dropped his face in his hands and started crying.

I stood up and followed my stepmother, who was most likely up to no good.

I ran down the hallway and looked for her, but then I heard a noise coming from the broom closet. I yanked the door open and found Regina curled in a ball in the corner of the closet. She had her face buried in her knees and the guilt in her face was painful.

I walked inside and shut the door, sitting beside her. "Regina this is not your fault!" I said lifting her face from her knees. She looked at me with doubt and started crying again, I pulled her into my arms and squeezed her tight, partially trying to comfort myself. "You are only human! You had a lot on your plate, you made a mistake, don't do this to yourself because your son needs you, all of you." I said sternly, she looked up and tried to hold her tears back, and I immediately felt bad.

"But sometimes you do need some time to cry." I said tilting my head. She shuddered and started spouting tears again, falling into me. "I don't want him to die!" She sobbed, I gripped her a bit harder and rested my chin on the top of her head. "Neither do I, now let's go." I said wiping her face with my tissue before helping her up.

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